Monday, February 1, 2010

Bill Maher: To Pass Health Care, Dems Should Be Against It

I don’t always agree with Bill, but he makes a good point.

bipartisan_b2284 President Obama made a point the other day in speaking at the Republican retreat to say he wasn't an ideologue, and while there was skepticism in his audience about whether that was true, there was agreement in both parties that not being an ideologue is a good thing.

Is it? Maybe the problem is that neither party has any ideology anymore -- its just all about getting the money you need to run commercials at election time, and being against whatever the other party is for. For example, why is the decision to have the trial of Khalid "Shake Shake Shake" Mohammed in New York a Democratic position, and not having it in New York a Republican position? Republicans are usually the 24 loving macho warriors. Isn't it the more macho position to be saying, "Damn right we're going to try them at the scene of the crime! We're going to make that bastard look at Ground Zero right out the window of the courtroom every day -- we're going to stick his nose in it like a dog who's made a mess on the rug: 'Look what you did! Bad dog! Bad!!'"? I can much more easily imagine Bill O'Reilly making that case than Obama.

And yet, because its the Democrats who suggested it, the Republicans automatically piss all over it and find themselves backing the opposite approach, then make up a bunch of stupid reasons why: it'll fuck up traffic in Manhattan; it'll be a platform for Mohammed to "mock" us… [emphasis added]

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If memory serves, ChickenHawk Cheney said that the way we tried Moussaoui in federal court was the way to do it, and Rudy 9/11 said the US system of Justice is awesome when the shoe bomber’s federal trial took place in New York.  What hypocrites!  Of course the GOP has only one agenda item, as the graphic illustrates.


Lisa G. said...

You can't expect much from hypocrites.

Lisa G. said...

Just try the fucker in NY and be done with it; jeez we've talked this shit to death already.

Vigilante said...

Maher is peerless; so is the marvelous graphic; so is this GR8 column!

TomCat said...

Lisa, that's the truth, but I inteneded this more about GOP obstruction. The trials are just a very obvious example olf their hypocrisy.

Thanks Vig. If you like it, thou shalt steal!

Stimpson said...

"Maybe the problem is that neither party has any ideology anymore."

Funny, I was making pretty much that point yesterday at another blog.

It amazes me that so many Dems in Washington have been such slow learners when it comes to "bipartisanship". They should all know by now that the Repubs have no interest in working with them. The GOP is taking the role of opposition to heart by opposing everything the majority party proposes. Or just about everything. Maybe I missed something they actually supported.

TomCat said...

Stimpson, they are even opposing their own proposals. Check out today's lead story. The Keith and Rachel vids will amaze you.