Monday, February 15, 2010

Palin for President?

I’d love to see her get the nod from the GOP.

PalinRun Hyper-partisan, painfully ignorant, pathologically dishonest, chronically unethical, intellectually unconscious, and jaw-droppingly stupid. And those are her better qualities.

Sarah Palin is so soulless that she traded away her credibility on the one issue on which she had any authority: her personal story about raising a child with special needs. That was it, the full sum of her sliver of sincerity. And she gave it up to offer political cover to an equally soulless ally.

In other words, she is the perfect embodiment of what her party has become. Unlike past nominees and potential candidates for 2012, Sarah Palin is a pure Republican, unable or unwilling to take any position on any issue that would put her at odds with her party. And that's why Sarah Palin should run for president.

And she thinks so too:

"I would, I would if I believe that is the right thing to do for our country and the Palin family. Certainly I would do so," she told "Fox News Sunday," in an interview that was taped before she addressed a Tea Party convention the night before. "I think that it would be absurd to not consider what it is that I could potentially do to help our country ... . I won't close a door that perhaps could be open for me in the future."

Absurdity, Sarah? That doesn't begin to cover it. And that is why she is the ideal Republican candidate.

Thinks ACORN put Obama in the White House? Check.

Obama is a socialist? Check.

Obama wasn’t born in the United States? Check.

Obama loves terrorists? Check.

Abortion bad, death penalty good? Check.

Hates gay marriage? Check.

Creationism? Of course.

Jesus = Good? You betcha.

Against sex education? Obviously. Checkmate.

Plus secession points from the extra-nutty 40 percenters. And Governor Perry.

Sarah Palin dared to criticize Hillary Clinton for "whining" about sexism in the media, yet she hides behind that very criticism whenever the media dares to point out her lies, her contradictions, or her outright ignorance. Last month, she called out [Mooseolini delinked] women's rights groups for their "double standard."

...please concentrate on empowering women, help with efforts to prevent unexpected pregnancies, stay consistent with your message that for too long women have been made to feel like sex objects in our “modern” culture and that we can expect better in 2010.

Yet her policies and positions -- from opposing sex education to requiring rape victims to pay for their own rape kits -- do nothing to empower women, prevent unexpected pregnancies, or help to change the image of women as sex objects. After all, this is the woman who thought she could win a vice presidential debate with a short skirt and a whole lot of winking.

Sarah Palin cannot remember the six words that form her entire ideology. David Frum makes the ridiculous claim that Sarah using her hand as a cheat sheet was actually a brilliant chess move. Does anyone (other than Frum) really believe that Sarah Palin is capable of 11th-dimensional chess? She couldn't even get her crib notes right.

Sarah Palin slammed "bored...pathetic bloggers who lie," yet uses her Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread ludicrous lies about the president's policies. Who's the bored, pathetic one, Sarah?

After the President's State of the Union speech, she took to her Facebook page to criticize him:

Real leadership requires results. Real hope lies in the ingenuity, generosity, and boundless courage of the American people whose voices are still not being heard in Washington.

Sarah Palin ran from her opportunity to demonstrate "real leadership" because "only dead fish go with the flow."

palin Sarah Palin knows nothing and is proud of it. And so is her party. And the Republicans are the party of Sarah Palin, even if some them are embarrassed to admit it. They should be embarrassed. This is what their cynical embrace of ignorance has wrought. It has wrought Sarah Palin.

We know, from Markos's poll, that the majority of the Republican party is crazy and stupid. Despite the whining [Faux Noise delinked] from the very merchants of stupid who have been so successful at pushing these memes, the poll reveals the depth to which this party of Lincoln (as they are so fond of saying) has sunk, willfully embracing hate and ignorance and things that are just factually wrong.

And that is why Sarah Palin should run for president and lead the Republican party's pursuit of pure teabagggery.

If this is the war the party of stupid wants, let them have it. Let us see what their rightwing insanity has sown. Let us watch Sarah debate President Obama, crib notes and all. Because even though the entire Republican Congress was outmatched in a battle of wits only a few weeks ago, Sarah, being Sarah, will strut into any debate thinking she has the upper hand. And America needs to watch that, the arrogance of someone so hopelessly out of her league that she doesn’t even realize she’s out of her league, daring to take on President Obama, daring to claim that she could do his job better as she spouts meaningless platitudes about budget tax cuts and energy and lifting American spirit. It doesn’t matter that she knows nothing. It doesn’t matter that she’s an embarrassment to herself every time she speaks. We need to have our options so obviously spelled out for us that there can be no mistake...

Inserted from <Daily Kos>

Mooseolini would be the ideal candidate from our perspective.  We’d be far worse off it the GOP could manage to nominate a Machiavellian goose-stepper capable of pretending that he or she is a moderate, like GW Bush did.


the walking man said...

PLEASE stop this running her down. DO NOT discourage her presidential ambitions but rather encourage her PLEASE let her get the nomination!

Beach Bum said...

LOL!!! Walking man

"No one in this world, so far as I know has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people”
Henry Louis Mencken

In better and calmer times I would have no doubt that a Sarah Palin-type candidature would be laughed off the national stage.

But the times we live in now are full of uncertainty and fear stroked by men and women whose only goal is to attain and keep power by all mean necessary.
My fear is that Sarah's image could be spun and massaged to the point that circumstances might make her more palatable to the general American public.

By no means am I saying she should be handled with kid gloves, if by some nightmare she gets the republican nomination she should be confronted directly with the one thing she is lacking, intelligence.

If she should still get elected, well the country will deserve everything she brings.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Since I inject political humor and satire into my blog, I want to see Sarah Palin run.

Next to Barack, she is the most frequent subject of my blog entries; some serious, others done for laughs.

And I wonder if Lorne Michaels and Tina Fey are dumping money into her war chest just to keep her going in 2012- SNL's ratings spike when ever Tina returns to do some of "that fancy pageant walkin', you betcha!".

Jack Jodell said...

Sarah Palin has all of the intellectual capacity and knowledge of a 10 year old Campfire Girl---and none of the integrity. Let the stupid little girl run---and then get run over!

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Well, I'm disappointed in Jack, knocking the Campfire Girls like that! :-)
But really... all this media attention~! She is sure pulling it in.....
She's dumb. She's ingenuous. She's dirty (as in corrupt). She's sqirmmed in and out of legal troubles. She's pretty. She's got the country by the balls... doesn't she? I mean, it kills me how much media she gets.

Infidel753 said...

If nominated, she would be very unlikely to win; if anything, she seems more likely to self-destruct as her venality becomes too blatant for even her fans to ignore.

Nevertheless, hoping the Republicans nominate someone unelectably crazy is a dangerous strategy. Many people pay only intermittent attention to politics and politicians, and a lot can happen in three years. If Palin gets the Republican nomination and then the economy goes into a serious downturn, or there's another major terrorist attack, there could be a real risk of her winning, and then where would we be?

I'd prefer to see the Republicans nominate a competent secular centrist in 2012. Obama might have a tougher time beating such a candidate, but it would be less of a disaster if he lost.

TomCat said...

LOL, Mark!!

Beach, were she actually elected, it would prove beyond doubt that that our nation has become a failed state.

Hugh, it would be worth it, just to see Tina Fey's imitations.

Jack, that's what I want to see.

Gwen, I have no doubt that that the Campfire girls would be our strong ally. Should Palin win, they would be deployed to fight in one of her wars, and they don't want to go.

Infidel, a competent secular centrist could not win the GOP nomination. They are driving such people out of the party. The only choices we'll see is a self-avowed wing nut like Palin or a wing nut that can play centrist while assuring their base he's one of them like Bush. I'd rather we run against someone who accurately represents GOP values.

tnlib said...

I would love to see the bimbo run. Either she would do it on the Republican ticket or she'd join the Tea Partiers who are disgruntled with the Republicans and want to form a third party. In either case she would split the GOP down the middle.

I think there are a lot of Republicans who are just keeping their mouths shut - not admitting their reservations/revulsion. But when they get in that booth, they will not pull the lever for Palin. I think this happened in the presidential race.

I just commented on Oh!Pinion that we've had a lot of nutty extremists before but, in the end, decent Americans prevail. I really do believe that that will happen in this case.

I used to think she was getting too much coverage from the media. Now I think everytime she opens her stupid mouth her polls go down.

One Fly said...

It is a major mistake my friends wanting Palmer to be the repug candidate. Whoever they run will win the media will see to that so at least let's get a person with a few brains -please!

If complete control of the country doesn't happen this year in 012 it will. Count on it! Don't wish for something you really don't want.


Good article. I'm sure Obama was overjoyed McCain picked Palin as his running-mate; the title would be called, 'DUMB AND DUMBER' and we'd have two of the most corrupt candidates the USA could find, to potentially be president and vice-presient.

Palin would have truly put the 'vice' into vice-president, so in many ways it's not a bad idea to have her run - get it done; see her lose, but I doubt the media is going to quit milking this Alaskan-cow for some time to come.

Foxwood said...

The "Stupidest President Ever" award has to go to Obutthole. He's eloquent with his teleprompter, but off script can't do diddly. He makes bad decisions, but when his handlers don't control him, he's even worse.

TomCat said...

Tnlib, I think you're right about that. Responsible Republicans are laying low.

Fly, I can't see the wisdom in having someone who will use his intelligence against the people of the US. Were GW ChickenHawk not so completely incompetent we would be living in a totalitarian GOP regime today.

Welcome Happy. I thoink you're right on. Do you have a blog that you call home?

Foxwood, you seem to forget that Obama made fools of the GOP during their recent conference, and he did so without the benefit of a teleprompter. I did check your link. I hope for your sake that you are not it's author.

tnlib said...

Fox said -The "Stupidest President Ever" award has to go to Obutthole."

Not even most true Republicans sink to such a scummy level to refer to the President of the U.S.They may not care for him personally but they mostly have respect for the office.

I have found that only people with very limited intelligence and with racism out the gazoo call him "stupid."

"He's eloquent with his teleprompter, but off script can't do diddly."

He seems to have handled the meeting with the Republicans darn well without a teleprompter. He's been known for his oratorical skills for a long, long time.

Aside from that, to mock him for using a teleprompter is the heigth of stupidy and hypocricy. Herbert Hoover was the first to use one in the mid 50s and they have been used ever since by presidents and speakers at all levels - including that woman when she ran for VP.

"He makes bad decisions, but when his handlers don't control him, he's even worse."

Not true. The sign of a smart leader is to surroud themselves with smart people. Have you never made a bad decision? No? Well, let's start with coming here and spreading your filth.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

[Fox said -The "Stupidest President Ever" award has to go to Obutthole."]

Is that true? You've got to be kidding me... how can they get away with that?

Marva said...

We were laughing at the Reps for putting up such a total waste of space as George Bush. Look what happened.

There are way too many wingnuts who'd actually vote for Sister Sarah.

Dems/Libs who don't have sufficient gray matter will mutter about Obama's middle-of-the-road stuff and stay home from the polls.

Whoever runs in the Reps is bound to be a nutcase and/or degenerate. Let's focus on making sure Obama is reelected. Yeah, he hasn't come up to our standards, but the alternative will ruin our country.

Doesn't B.C. look spectacular? Can U.S. expats get healthcare in the Canadian system?

Beekeepers Apprentice said...

I have to weigh the possible pros against the possible cons. Pro: Palin runs, drives the final nail in the republican party coffin, and a new, improved, different republican (or a new third party) is born from the ashes. Pro: She runs on a newly minted "tea party" ticket, and splits the republicans so badly that it would make Ross Perot look like Lyndon Larouche.

Con: Infidel is right - one big f'ing terrorist attack (although I have my own reasons for thinking that will probably not happen), one more big economic meltdown (commercial real estate, anyone?) and we find ourselves with President Palin. Then on January 23rd or thereabouts 2013, the entire house of cards comes crashing down when she accidentally pushes the button during the White House tour.

I dunno, that last con kind of outweighs any possible pro :)

Hill said...

Bible Spice.

The sheer horror is unmentionable.

Now, about Mark's comment...


Love it.


ivan said...

She does seem to have something of the IT girl quality. Mention Sarah Palin and you'll get a response one way or the other.

But when I was a journalist in Canada, the boss said you can never underestimate the stupidity of the electorate.

otis said...

Welcome to all the newbies. Hello to the trolls. We see you thanks to the Patriot Act. Please come again, or we are calling Homeland Security. Have a nice day.

I think that the consensus is that it would be bad for Caribou Barbie to win, but I think that the consensus is also that she has a real shot at winning just due to the overwhelming stupidity of the US voting population. I am in complete agreement.

The economy has made and destroyed many a President. Carter and Bush Sr. were carted off for economic reasons more than any. So, the economy is an equal opportunity destroyer of political aspirations. If things don't turn around, not only does Palin have a chance of snagging the Big Chair, I would give Stalin a good shot at winning it. Even now. Dead. And rotted. He would lose on charisma, but he would have the benefit of not being the guy in there now.

We don't have to be careful with Palin, we have to be careful of how things move forward. I agree that The Tundra Tw@% would make anything worse, but it would be a moot point if the public believes, mistakenly, that things can't get any worse by the time '12 rolls around. (Oh, for all you trolls out there, things can ALWAYS get worse.)

Lisa G. said...

As always, I agree with Otis.

Enough with the Tundra Twat already - that much stupid and ignorance is giving me a migraine.

All the moderates have already left the once mighty Party of Lincoln (and boy, that poor man is spinning in his grave). That being said, I would love for her to get the nod as a candidate - just to watch Obama destroy her in a debate. If she wins, I'm moving with Otis and the kids to Canada - not kidding about that.

The death knell of this once fine nation will be heard around the world.


Palin-Brown or Brown-Palin

Oh boy, such lovely and fun time you folks will have (and so will we this side of the pond) if they get the nomination. :-)

TomCat said...

Tnlib, I disagree with you on only one point. When Bush was President I called him the worst pResident in History, Crawford Caligula, Potomac Pinocchio, Texas Torquemada and worse. If the office holder is not worthy of respect, neither is the office. However, there is a key difference. When I was disrespectful to GW ChickenHawk, I backed up my disrespect with facts. The disrespect for Obama from this individual is presented with no support or duplicitous support.

Gwen, they can't here, because they get called on their lies. But Faux Noise viewers don't know any better.

Marva, we who saw through Bush before 2000 were a very small minority. Even so, Bush lost that election. Both of his terms were theft of office.

Bee, I see your point. Mine is that anyone the GOP puts up will be just as insane as Palin and just as dangerous as Palin. I'd rather we run against the one that's an obvious nut case.

LOL Hill. I may steal 'Bible Spice'.

Ivan, if the electorate turns out to be that stupid, the population of Canada may quadruple over night.

Good point Otis. The best way forward is to be positioned to win.

Lisa, you echo my comment to Ivan.

LOL, Anna. Brown, thank goodness, is your problem. :-)

Beekeepers Apprentice said...

I see your point. Mine is that anyone the GOP puts up will be just as insane as Palin and just as dangerous as Palin. I'd rather we run against the one that's an obvious nut case.

TomCat, good point. The enemy we know...and love to laugh at. I reckon Saturday Night Live will be funny again for awhile, at least :)

TomCat said...

We would have Tina Fey videos here almost daily! But I doubt they will put her it. The best hope is that the tea buggerers run her as a 3rd party candidate.