Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Open Thread – 2/10/2010

Yesterday I went to my Pulmonologists office.  If you remember, I had a cat scan awhile back, and I learned what the cat had to say.  First, I do not have cancer.  That’s welcome news indeed.  Second, I’m ugly.  Since I already knew that,  it’s no big deal.  By the time I got back from there and visiting blogs, I only had time to reply to comments here.  Today I will fall further behind in returning blog visits, because it’s volunteer day at the therapy group for former prisoners.  Please be patient.

Today’s Jig Zone puzzle tool me 4:18.  To do it, Click Here.  How did you do?

Robert Gibbs demonstrated the he can learn from the Twitter Twit:


Here’s your cartoon:

Happy hump day.


the walking man said...

5:08 and yes I do them every day but sometimes I just ain't gonna say...

Octopüß said...

Good one. My oldest daughter lives in Springfield VA and works at the Pentagon, which was closed Monday and Tuesday on account of snow.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

GHB is very relieved and happy to hear the outcome of your tests TC. :-) - big time.

Jo said...

Okay, so ... you don't have cancer, and you're not ugly, and you're not rich. Two out of three ain't bad, is it?


otis said...

4:53 on the puzzle which SUCKED, by the way. Too much damn yellow. Excuse my Republican, a.k.a. offensive, language.

You know TC, I just want to mention that I want to throw myself off a building half the time after reading your blog. Don't take offense because that I feel that way after reading half of Huffington Post as well. Isn't there ANYTHING going right?

Sure, you give us Rethuglicans making asses of themselves as we get a chuckle, but really, isn't there any good news out there on the liberal front?

Before I met Lisa, I didn't know what I was politically. I didn't really know what my parents were, either. I admit I voted (R) out of ignorance and my mother's instance (who BTW is a liberal, but a single issue voter [pro-life], but she has the metal to hold her position as a foster parent and an adopting parent through the foster care system). Now that I know that my thinking is much more liberal than conservative, I find myself a man without a party. My choices are Right, Ultra Right, Facist Right or Left Out. I am not afraid to be called Communist or Socialist because, honestly, I have been called worse by better.

Really, TC, throw us a bone here. I don't want to ask myself how that 'hopey changey stuff' is working out.

Susan, if you pop in, I can post the same on your blog, as well. I love your stuff, both of your stuff. You are intelligent, passionate, unafraid, and all the rest. I'm just dying out here. I am not an activist. I AM willing to learn and use my 2 most powerful things (My wallet and my vote, in that order) better for the future. I am just ready to throw both at the Libertarian or Green parties, to be honest.

TomCat said...

Mark, if those days are that bad, I don't blame you. ;-)

Octo, if we're attacked during a snow storm, I guess the war is over.

Thanks, Gwen.

LOL, Josie.

Otis, we are not at war with Iran and une,mployment is below 25%. Had McConJob and Mooseolini won in 2008, that is the news we would be discussing today. Things could be a lot worse. But Suzan and I and others won't let up until they are a lot better.