Thursday, February 25, 2010

OOPS! The Summit Is On!

Tom122007 In today’s open thread I said that I hoped to catch up on comments before leaving for my volunteer day with prisoners.  I was not consider that I would be watching the health care summit on TV, which is exactly what I’m doing.  Worst case scenario is that I’ll be back up to date before the weekend is over.

On the summit, the most notable feature is that all the Republicans have an expression like they just ate a bad clam.  Obama has been quite congenial, but has called the Republicans on several of their lies.  The Republican response to that has been for the speaker to evade and for the next speaker to repeat the lie.  Obama has also demonstrated the ability to express knowledge in depth on the issues with no teleprompters in the room.  The Republicans have offered nothing new: start over, don’t use reconciliation, health savings accounts (not a bad idea for the rich), tort reform.

One area of substantive differences has been over exchanges –vs- voluntary associations and unregulated sales against state lines.  The Democratic position is that it’s up to the federal government to set minimum standards on what an insurance company must offer.  The Republican position is that what should be covered should be left up to insurance companies and business owners.

Which of you trust your employer and an insurance company to determine what coverage you should have with no input from you or your elected representatives?

What are your observations on the summit?


Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

TC, I think it shameful, nationally, that it is even necessary to begin with. As it poured out, I was just infuriated that the Republicans lie so openly, honor-lessly, to the People. And that so many continue to suffer.
I say, reconcile the bill with a Public Option and have it done.

MadMike said...

The public option will not happen, not even with reconciliation. It is dead, albeit for the time being. It would be easy to say the Republicans won, and they did, but it might be more appropriate to say the Democrats lost by their own indifference and their endless dithering. I did a piece on this at my place TC. I hope you stop by. You might like it.

Tom Harper said...

I haven't watched it live at all; I just read a brief rundown on

The Republicans are recycling their favorite talking point: "we have a better idea." "We have our own ideas."

Those F$%#in' Lying M$%&*!F%&!#$$ -- what "idea" would that be??? They've had sixteen years to implement their ideas for health care reform. WTF are they waiting for???

MadMike said...

Hey TC..I saw your poll. If you go word press I recommend you get, as opposed to .com. It is a little more complex but it is a lot more powerful. If you want to know my experiences with both shoot me an email:

Lisa G. said...

The Repubs have never had any ideas (at least not any good ones) regarding HCR. I don't expect anything good from them coming out of the summit except their eternally bad ideas - other than them being exposed as the jackasses that they are.

Infidel753 said...

The Republicans' "ideas" are summed up in the old Groucho Marx song: "Whatever it is, I'm against it!"

Mauigirl said...

I didn't see most of it but caught President Obama's summary at the end. I agree, all the Republicans looked really sour. I thought the President did a good job of putting them in their place.

I hope the Dems go ahead with passing it through reconciliation, whatever part can be done that way. Because it's the only way it will get done.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

TC- I'll admit that I did turn the summit off after a three hours to get on with the day. And it was a mixed bag as far as I can tell.

Once again Barack Obama came across as the smartest kid in the class, and once again the Democratic leadership of Reid and Pelosi proved they will never be confused with JFK, Reagan, or Bill Clinton as far as being compelling presenters of ideas. The Republicans did what we all expected they would do- stick to the script and keep repeating their usual mantras, but with smiles on their faces and an air of respect.

But as much as the President kept insisting that this was a summit, not "political theater" was pure political theater for both camps.

The best and worst things ever to happen to government was the insertion of the TV camera- its good because it can lend itself to transparency in governance....and its bad because it can reduce the leaders of our nation to playing before the camera, Judge Ito style, and turning an event like today's summit into little more than a reality show with a weak storyline.

The bottomline....what was really gained by this? I guess both sides will claim victory, and we'll be at the same place we were 24 hours ago.

Sky Girl said...

I couldn't listen to it all at work, so I've had to play catch up reading bits and pieces here and there tonight and watching video clips.

My thoughts are that if we get any reform at all, it will not include a public option. This is the Democrat's fault; they blew the opportunity they had to get this done.

Republicans don't have ideas that benefit regular Americans. Republicans have ideas that benefit coporations and their rich friends. When they pretend to even know regular Amercians it's just more bullshit. The fact that any run-of-the-mill people buy in to this crap continues to amaze me, but somehow it keeps happening.

I think what happens next in HCR will happen quickly. Either we will get something, or the whole thing will die.

Beach Bum said...

Yeah, in a crazy and weird way I agree with the republicans to a certain point, we should scrap the bill and just go to a nationwide single-payer system.

Socialize me baby!

ivan said...

And still they are begging the question.
Save nickels on health care and lose billions on the stupid and unnecessary prolonging of the wars.

Even Jesus might be goaded into keening, "Get the ....out!"

TomCat said...

Gwen, I agree, eben if the public option isn't included. I'd say vote the rest first, then the option.

I agree, Mike. I'll get there as soon as I can.

Tom, they are waiting for hell to freeze over.

Mike, since I've had few objections, I'll be moving it over within the next few days. I had already decided on the one you prefer. Rest assured I will call on you for technical assistance.

Right on, Lisa.

Well said, Infidel

MKaui, I agree completely.

Hugh, I agree that it was political theatre, but because Obama was open to discussing GOP ideas, but Republicans were not open to discussing his, it is the GOP that made it political theatre. It did not have to be so.

Sky, I think you're right.

Beach, from your mouth to God's ear. I wish it would happen.

Good point, Ivan.