Saturday, February 6, 2010

GOP Hypocrite Seeks Handout

These days the Appalachian Trail is a most unpredictable byway, leading first to sexy South America and now to the coffers of Washington, DC.

AT_Sign South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) waged a high-profile war against the economic stimulus package last spring, claiming that accepting the $700 million for which his state was eligible would lead to “a thing called slavery.” Even as his state’s unemployment rate climbed above the national average, Sanford maintained his partisan and politically motivated refusal to take the funds.

But yesterday, Sanford flew to Washington to demand $300 million in stimulus money for education, the State newspaper reports:

Sanford, who spent much of last year fighting parts of the Obama administration’s stimulus plan, now wants S.C. to have a piece of $4 billion in “Race to the Top” education money. [...]

Sanford met with [Secretary of Education Arne] Duncan to learn more about a charter school program Duncan started in Chicago, said Ben Fox, the governor’s spokesman. Sanford also took the trip to urge Duncan to support more charter school grants, Fox said. [...]

Sanford’s trip — which did not appear on his official calendar — is especially hypocritical because the majority of stimulus money destined for South Carolina was to fund education and save thousands of teachers’ jobs. Yet, in March, Sanford told Fox News host Glenn Beck that taking the money would be akin to “fiscal child abuse.”… [emphasis original]

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What a hypocrite!!  I would so like to suggest that Arne Duncan tell Sanford to take a long flying #$%& off a short pier.  In good conscience, I cannot.  To do so would be to suggest that the needy children of South Carolina, already suffering from RSDD,  be penalized for Sanford’s GOP hypocrisy.  What;s RSDD?  It’s Red State Disability Disorder.


the walking man said...

Uhhh even in the blue states we are stuck by the capricious whims of our politicians. Let him go to his corporate masters for the money.

TomCat said...

Were it not for the children, I agree. Education is the one hope to cure RSDD.