Saturday, February 20, 2010

Teabaggers Are Crawling from Under Their Rocks

Yesterday I told you about a Facebook group honoring Joseph Stack, the nut case who crashed his plane into an Austin office building.  AmericaBlog captured images the teabaggers’ attempt to restart it, before Facebook took it down:




Is this foul or what?  How anyone could honor this mad man boggles my mind.  But this had risen all the way to the GOP mainstream.

Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes discuss the GOP love affair with violence.


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Beekeepers Apprentice said...

What a bunch of wackadoos on that Facebook page...all 29 of them hehe.

I confess that I haven't really paid much attention to the story of the guy who flew his plane into the federal building in Texas. Why? Because he must have something going for him, he has a plane, and those things are incredibly expensive to fly/maintain/insure. So, my sympathy factor for a man who was probably afraid of having to live like I do (which is actually pretty good) is nil.

The posters on that FB page talking about free speech - please. FB is now a business, and it would be like walking inside a Walmart with a sandwich board and a speech - one would be kicked out soon enough. In the end, it's still "private property."

Jack Jodell said...

I used to think only Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann were crazy, but then came the teabaggers and now Joseph Stark. Unbelievable! Where will this insanity end? Still, in every madman there resides a tiny glint of genius. In Stark's case, it was his characterization of capitalism as "from each according to his gullibility; to each according to his greed." In the plutocratic corpocracy we have today, truer words were never spoken.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

I went so far as to print out a copy of Stark's suicide note to try and get a grasp on why he did what he did- and by page two of the six page ramble you recognize this was a pretty bright guy who had descended to near insanity.

And to the genius Teabaggers who decided this guy was a hero because he tried to take out an IRS office, if they had taken time to read the man's suicide note they'd see Joseph Starks hated the wealthy, despised organized religion (especially the Catholic Church), and called the icon of neocons and theocons (President Dubya) a "presidential puppet".

Starks had no coherent political ideolgy- he was simply out for a little piece of vengeance against those who he thought had wronged him.

The man was an all-American whack job suicide bomber. I wonder if those clowns would have started a FACEBOOK page dedicated to him had Starks' name been Abdul-Muhammed and he'd been wearing a turban?

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Note...I did give the man's name as "Stark" instead of "Stack" in my previous post....sorry, I hadn't finished that second cup of coffee yet.

Holte Ender said...

The poor misguided individual that crashed into the IRS building is not a hero, but an American suicide bomber.

Randal Graves said...

At least these lunatics are consistent. You remember all the vehement protesting against the government between 2000 and 2008, right? Of course you do.

TRUTH 101 said...

The world is full of these nuts. They still think Koresh was just a freedom loving American who loved children.

Soon these morons will be demanding Warren Jeffs be freed also.

Sue said...

I love the Paul Lemieux comment.... "vote for non establishment, non MSM candidates in 2012. We can win elections with enough numbers even tho the voting system is rigged"

LOLOL! go right ahead Paul and Co. vote for the teabagger candidate, PLEASE!!

TomCat said...

Bee, he was quite well-to-do, but he wanted to be rich,m kept trying to manipulate the tax code that way the banksters do, and couldn't get away with it. Just like these tea baggers he thought he was to special to have to play by the rules. Wal-Fart with a sandwich board? Sell sandwiches there!! Hmmmmm... Civil disobedience!! ;-)

Jack, it will end when the last Republican is voted out of office and the last of Beck's, Limbaugh's and others' of their ilk, advertisers drop them because sane people are boycotting their products.

Hugh, in that case they would be screaming for Obama's impeachment.

I do Randal. But between 2000 an 2008 we were not lionizing nut jobs like this guy.

Soon Truth? I thought they already have.

Sue, every state should have a three way race, with a tea bagger as the 3rd party.

TRUTH 101 said...

You're probably correct TomCat. Jeffs is a hero to the right wingnuts because of his strong committment to marraige between a man and women.

Lisa G. said...

I agree with everyone here, but I think that Hugh Jee has really captured Stack's personality. That the teabaggers define him as a hero is both disgusting and disturbing.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Just a thing or two more from me, and I'm going to move on. Its been a long time since I've seen or read something as disturbing as this FACEBOOK page. I've been back and forth between anger and disbelief all day.

One 67 year old man is dead because of Joseph Stack- someone's husband or father, or grandfather. Murdered randomly. To those who began, joined, or supported that FACEBOOK group, what if their husband/wife, mother/father, son/daughter went to an IRS office to pick up forms in the morning and were blown to bits shortly before lunchtime by a guy with a beef with the IRS?

Would they still be calling this American kamikaze a hero?

Infidel753 said...

At least it seems to be just a fairly small number of fringe righties that are making a hero of this terrorist. Still enough to be dangerous, though.

A right-wing commenter on my blog said that Stack must have been a leftist because he "attacked capitalism". Verbally, yes -- but it was the IRS building that he attacked physically. And in reality, it was violence against random, innocent employees.

The point, of course, is not what ideology motivated him, but what kind of people are now embracing him as a hero. I haven't seen anybody on the left do that.

Teeluck said...

Unfortunately, by my reckoning about 35% of the country...(wacko Republicans who like everything their party does, and what Bush did,) would like this guy, because they are the apocalypse crowd waiting for the world to end...and trying to help it along the way.

JUDI M. said...

I wouldn't go to FB if my life depended upon it. Those people on there are nuts!

But how come a suicide bomber from another country flying into an American building for god-knows-what reason is a terrorist and an American flying into an American building with a vendetta against an arm of the US government is a hero? I don't get it. Both are wrong, yet both feel deep inside they have a right to do this--and each are prepared to take other lives in doing this: "to make a statement.' Right wing hero, my ass!

TomCat said...

Truth, I wish I were wrong.

Lisa, it is.

Of course they wouldn't Hugh. The reason they do now is that they are completely lacking in empathy.

Infidel, you're right. I think his only ideology was psychotic narcicism.

Teeluck, I'd put it closer to 25%, but yes. Congrats on beibg visitor number 38,000.

Judy, I don't think it's fair to blame FB for the acts of these wingnuts. Several of our readers here are also my friends on FB. Of course h is not a hero. Those who say he is are blinded by their own hate.