Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Open Thread – 2/17/2010

By the time I finished my errands yesterday, I had time only to reply to comments here.  Today is my volunteer day at the therapy group, so I’ll just have to see how I feel when I return.

Today’s Jig Zone puzzle took me 4:06.  To do it, Click Here.  How sis you do?

Short Takes:

The Hill has an article about the lucrative opportunities on K Street for retiring politicians.  I wonder if they know something about Bayh.

There will be no Democratic primary for the Indiana Senate.  The contender who claimed she had sufficient signatures to put her on the ballot had only three.

Here’s a great chance for a progressive primary challenge to the Nevada Leg Hound, Harry Reid.  The rabid right will be split, because the tea baggers have qualified as a third party; they plan to nominate Jon Ashjian for that seat.


Happy hump day!

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