Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!





the walking man said...

Well used or simply used?

Lisa G. said...

Happy VD to you too TC.

A friend of mine called it that a few years ago and I thought it was so funny that I keep using it.

Lisa G. said...

Otis and I frown on sharing. We kinda promised in front of a judge and everything (if it was a church, I wouldn't give a shit), but I take my legal obligations very seriously.

ivan said...

I used to be Superduperman, but now at the singles bar and me long in the tooth, Lois Lane gives me a backhander, and her talk baloon says CREEP!

Oh Clark Bent. Hobbling from spitoon to spitoon!
Talk about a fly guy!

Ah well. Into the phone booth!
But it's been vandalized.
Reduced to my crystal apartment.

Sort of like a cave explorer, speelunker. Tights to down. Mites come up.
Maybe I'll get a call by cell.
I get scratchy.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lisa G. said...

TC - you have a lot of new readers, and I don't like to offend, so for anyone who believes, no offense intended. I'm eternal smartass. However, my first wedding had 3 Episcopalian priests; the church, his assistant and my uncle (yes, how lucky was I to have a priest in the family - he was also my god father - clearly, THAT didn't work out so well.) I was married 6 years and 8 days - I tried to get a court date on my anniversary for my divorce (I'm an accountant, I like things even), but couldn't. I was most vexed.

Teeluck said...

Happy VD TC

TomCat said...

Both on occasion, Mark.

LOL Lisa!! You're saying that the happiest VD applause for GOP Senators is the clap? ;-) Drats! Were I gay I'd have been after Otis! ;-)

Poor Ivan! You're in almost as bad shape as I.

Lisa, I know you well enough that I can tell when you're being snarky. You have developed it to a magnificent art. I tend to be as irreverent as you are, so I include silly emoticons for the benefit of those that do not know me that well.

Thanks Teeluck. Backatcha!

Lisa G. said...

I don't want to have the GOP Senators (or anyone with an R after their name) to have the clap - shit you can get rid of that shit. Bah, I want them to have herpes - you carry that shit like luggage for the rest of your life. It's not like AIDS though, it won't kill you, but it's REALLY fucking irritating.

I'm A Pitt Bull said...

TomCat said...

Great minds, Sue. I'd can't bitch at my legislators about this. We ran the Republicans out of office.

Well the worm is turning.

TomCat said...

LOL, Lisa!

Pit Bull, so this will make sense to everyone here, what you have done is taken a comment of of mine on Sue's blog out of context and quoted it here. Did you intend to make it seem like I disapprove of my representative? If so, you are wrong. The reason that complaining to Wu, Wyden and Merkely on that issue would be pointless is that I would be preaching to the choir. They agree with my position. My point was that the rest of the Republicans in the legislature need to be run out of office too. You are welcome to share your views here, but in future please comment do not lift discussions elsewhere out of context.

Jo said...

Mangy and used? But so are the rest of us. :-)

Happy Valentine's Day, Tom...!

Holte Ender said...

Hope somebody takes you up on your "Luvin" request TomCat.

tnlib said...

Just for Valentine's Day?

I hope all these witty folks have a happy red heart day - especially you, TC.

TOM said...

I will have to buy me a Valentine mate, if I want one. Money can buy those, otherwise, unavailable things.


Happy heart Day!

Also just noticed the announcement that Brother Tim O'Donnell has passed away. My sympathies, Tom.

ivan said...


Yep. I'm right there on your heading (above).

"Now old Doc Williams had troubles of his own
Had an old yaller cat
That'd never leave home..."

TomCat said...

Now, Josie, there are two Canadian blonde bombshells to whom that does not apply. Pamela Anderson and you.

It was a dim hope, Holte. ;-)

Thanks Tnlib. Of course not. Like most stray cats, feed me or scratch my back and you'll never get rid of me. :-)

Tom, I hear Mooseolini is available for $100 thousand.

Same to you Anna, and thank you.

LOL, Ivan!