Thursday, February 18, 2010

Open Thread – 2/18/2010

Yesterday, by the time I returned from the therapy group where I volunteer, I had only enough tome to to reply to comments here.  This afternoon I gave field vision tests with my ophthalmologist to determine the extent of my glaucoma.  I’ll reply to comments and, hopefully, do some visiting before I leave.  The last time they did this, about eight years ago, they blurred my vision so badly that it was almost 24 hours before I could read again, so I may have to skip a day.  If there are no new articles up tomorrow, that’s why.  Please don’t worry.

Today’s Jig Zone puzzle took me 3:42.  To do it, Click Here.  How did you do?

Short Takes:

The CPUKE conference opens today.  Batten down your tin foil hats because the rabid right has special plans: a Nancy Pelosi piñata and a Harry Reid punching bag.  I want the bag when they’re done.  The opening keynote speaker will be Mark Rubio, the Florida teabagger.

Rick “man on dog” Santorum plans to run for the presidency, as he has scheduled several trips to early primary/caucus states, South Carolina, Iowa and New Hampshire.  You’d better lock up your dogs if you live in one of those locations.


What have you been up to?



Hi Tom,

Hope things get ok with you soon.

TomCat said...

Thanks Anna. It's mostly that I'm catching up on six years of past due health care all at once.