Friday, January 1, 2010

Teabaggers: You’ve Been Had!

The GOP and Faux Noise correctly understand that their lock-step, goose-step followers are sheeple.  The teabaggers are the biggest fools of all.

GOPKoolAid TPM Media's Zachary Roth reported earlier in the week that the political action committee that organized the Tea Party Express -- Our Country Deserves Better PAC -- funneled almost two-thirds of its spending from July to November back to the political consulting firm from which it was spawned, Russo, Marsh, and Associates. More than $850,000 of the money the supposedly grassroots PAC collected went to the firm of GOP political operatives who ran it.

For those who may have forgotten, the Tea Party Express was the faux-grassroots operation that Fox News hopped aboard in late August, after the network's promotion of the health care town hall meeting disruptions but before they started flogging the 9-12 protest. (It's so hard to keep Fox's political activism straight!) It was a nationwide bus tour organized by a political action committee whose mission is to oppose President Obama and other Democrats; with a pedigree like that, how could Fox resist?

Fox News heavily promoted the Tea Party Express; the Our Country Deserves Better PAC even used Fox's promotion in a fundraising email. Then Fox's Griff Jenkins hit the trail with the Express, following that bus around the country, throwing journalistic integrity aside as he declared its riders "the America that Washington forgot."

But somehow, Jenkins missed out on the real story: how loyal tea-party-goers were separated from their hard-earned cash, which was funneled to fat cat Republican political consultants… [emphasis added]

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So, to you teabaggers out there, how does it feel to be the pawns of Faux Noise and the GOP?  Wake up!!  You’ve followed their propaganda hook, line, and sinker.  Make the effort to do your own research, check your facts, and learn what’s really going on.


Anonymous said...

Off topic of couse... But "Feliz Año Nuevo!" Tomcat.

the walking man said...

Tom, what about the left that has also been duped into donating money and energy into causes and politicians that did not come close to even representing the mandate they were elected to nor the desires of their constituents.

There were plenty of purchased legislators that sold the:

A) Single payer
B) Public Option
C) Lowering prescription drug prices
D) Financial industry reform


libhom said...

I remember how Mitt Romney's consultants ripped him off in Iowa before the caucuses. Hillary Clinton, another Republican, certainly was ripped off by her consultants too.

TomCat said...

Gracias, y lo mismo, Kvatch.

Mark, we were never promised single payer. Most of our legislators voted for the public option and importing drugs. It was a few DINOS that sold us out. That leaves big finance, and you've got me on that one.

Thanks Libhom. I did not know that.

JUDI M. said...

Unfortunately, those DINOS just need to be come Repubs. I do sorta feel "sold out", but knowing the workings of DC, I'm willing to take what we can get now...improve later. This is the furthest we've come so far. And don't get me started on Big Business..

Lisa G. said...

And these are the people who can least afford to contribute to political causes. Of course, they believe whatever they are told, so if the fat cat consultants lie to them, they'll believe that too.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

as one of the 'duped left' ... I have to say, gee, but I do check out the policies and background of my 'causes' and the politicians I support. I don't just listen to the rhetoric. Unfortunately...many of the folks who cling to fear mongering politics or racism don't care particularly where it comes from. The other half of the crowd is just not interested in 'facts'. I saw this up close and personal last month when Glenn Beck arrived for a book signing at the Barnes & Noble I was at... I really had no idea he was going to be there. But the crowd began to form outside and I was reading in the cafe with a new book. I asked a few of these folks what attracted them to him, no one really pinned anything other than his 'point of view' with skewed history and falsehoods about the President. Most of these people, not all, but most were rather racist. And not too well educated, if their conversational skills were any indication. I kept my head down... you know, these kind of folk can be nasty. lol

TomCat said...

Judi, you might want to look at today's lead post.

That is the problem Lisa. They are too brainwashed to admit they have been had even with the facts staring them in the face.

Gwen, what an ordeal! Thank goodness you survived!!