Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Open Thread – 1/26/2010

Yesterday I was robbed.  They promised me a Cat Scan, but they lied!  I traveled a half hour, each way.  I filled out a ton of forms.  I waited an hour past my scheduled appointment.  I was passed through a huge machine.  But I didn’t even get to meet the cat, let alone discuss feline matters or play!! :-(

I replied to the build up of comments, but got no visiting done.  Today should be no better, as I have appointments for both occupational and physical therapy this afternoon.  They call it COPD Boot Camp.

On today’s Jig Zone puzzle, I have an unfair advantage.  It took me 3:53.  To do it, Click Here.  How did you do?

Here’s your cartoon:

What’s up this week?


Lisa G. said...

COPD Boot Camp sounds like tons of fun...do you get to be a member of a secret club too?

Lisa G. said...

I had an epidural in my back today - which is always a good time. Going down for a nap.

TomCat said...

Yes. It's the Chokers Love Lisa Fan Club. I hope you feel better. Just the thought of that gives me the willies!

otis said...

3:51 on the puzzle, I had to bring out my 'A' game for it, though.

I avoid anything that involves the words 'Boot Camp'. Not that I am anti-military (obviously since my eldest is in the Army serving a tour in Iraq), but anything with 'boot camp' sounds too much like real work, which I have avoided most of my life. :)

TomCat said...

You stinker! Beat me by two seconds!!:-( It didn't seem like hard work at the time, but the next morning I hurt all over.