Saturday, January 23, 2010

Open Thread – 1/23/2010

Yesterday I answered comments here and started to visit blogs.  I’m not sure what happened, but I just ran out of gas and could not focus, so I went and napped instead.  I hope to do better today.

Here’s an interesting tidbit, not worth an entire article.  The House passed a resolution yesterday expressing condolences and solidarity with the people of Haiti.  Only one person, a Republican of course, voted against it, the Representative from Texas, whose name I do not mention in articles here, because wing-nut trolls crawl out of the woodwork whenever I do.

Today’s Jig Zone puzzle took me 4:16.  To do it, Click Here.  How did you do?

The Billionaires for Wealthcare put in an appearance at Scott Brown’s campaign, where they were physically assaulted.  Tea Buggers just have no sense of humor.


Here’s your cartoon:

What’s up for the weekend?


Lisa G. said...

If I were one of those billionaires, I would press charges. There is no need for physical confrontation. Even little kids are taught to keep their hands to themselves.

otis said...

4:04 puzzle time.

I think that a better cartoon would be the elephant playing with this new 'perfect voter'. I think that in the end, they are going to get burned.

TomCat said...

So would I, Lisa, but they won't.

Otis, you're right. Did you watch Olbernann's special comment on SCOTUS? He spelled that out quite well.