Saturday, January 9, 2010

10 Things Obama Could Have Done About the Crotch Bomber

I needed a smile this morning :-)
  1. Immediately flown to Detroit to examine the underwear personally.
  2. Ordered an immediate cessation of domestic underwear production and imposed a ban on imports of all underwear.
  3. Bombed any facility overseas developing undergarments of any sort (aka, Weapons of Ass Destruction)
  4. Declared another war on Iraq.
  5. Put Vice President Biden in a secure, undisclosed location.
  6. Demanded that John McCain finally reveal his secret plan to capture Osama bin Laden
  7. Lowered the flag to half-staff on all Federal buildings to honor the victims of Northwest Flight 253.
  8. Showed leadership by no longer wearing underpants on Air Force One.
  9. Asked Donald Rumsfeld to take over the Department of Homeland Security
  10. Declared Mission Accomplished.
Inserted from <Daily Kos>


ivan said...

Just a matter of time until GAP makes hot pants.

Kevin Kelley said...

I particularly like number 6... during the campaign trail it reminded me a bit of Nixon's secret to end Vietnam...

Lisa G. said...

"Weapons of ass destruction" - damn, that is funny shite right there!

TomCat said...

LOL, Ivan!

I liked those as well, Kevin and Lisa.