Friday, January 8, 2010

Even Hadassah Might Not Vote for Traitor Joe

I think he will retire in 2012.

asshole_Lieberman The new poll of Connecticut by Public Policy Polling (D) finds that independent Sen. Joe Lieberman's approval rating is absolutely in the dumps after his actions in the health care debate, with him having antagonized every group imaginable by both weakening progressive efforts and then voting for the actual bill.

Lieberman's overall approval rating is only 25%, with 67% disapproval. Democrats disapprove of him by 14%-81%, Republicans by 39%-48%, and independents by 32%-61%. Only 19% approve of his actions on the health care bill, with Democrats at 8%-80%, Republicans at 26%-55%, and independents at 30%-59%. Among those who support the bill, 84% disapprove of his handling of the issue, and in addition 52% of the people who don't support the bill also disapprove of Lieberman's actions…

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He certainly can’t get the Democratic nomination.  Independents don’t like him, and even the Repuglicans, to whom he sold his traitorous soul, know they can’t trust him.  Therefore, I think he will retire.  I may be acting too vindictive, and if so, so be it.  For him to retire is not good enough.  I want to see him humiliated, either by being trounced in an election or kicked out of the Democratic caucus and stripped of his Homeland Security Chair.  Both would be better,  My big regret here is that his in not up for reelection in 2010.


the walking man said...

I think Reid is going to look for a pound of flesh after November depending on how those elections turn out.

TomCat said...

I hope you're right, if Reid can hold his seat. He's running behind in the polls. A pound of flesh is several pounds short of equity.

Lisa G. said...

Thank you, TC, for my get out of hell card for Liberdouche. He won't retire - he's too much of an arrogant ass and truthfully, he's wagging everyone's tail. I wouldn't trust that man as far as I could throw him. To think that this man could have been VP makes me sick. What was Gore thinking? Nothing would make me happier than having him stripped of his Homeland Security chair.

TRUTH 101 said...

I'm an unapologetic former political hack. Much from the late Mayor Daley mold. LIEberman needed his proverbial nuts cut off long ago. The message that was sent to loyal Democrats was not hat we are a big tent and forgiving. But that our leaders are to sissified to make this turncoat chump pay for his deceit.

otis said...

We would not have had the problems with Loserman if we you had a Democratic Party with some balls.
If they came in and stripped him of his chair seat upon entry and gave him some other committee to sit on, then told him that if he behaves, he can have the committee chair seat back in '10, then it would have been a non-issue.

Also, if the Dems would work around fillibuster, like the Rethuglicans did at the beginning of the decade, then, once again, LIEberman would have been a non-issue.

So, Loserdouche is a product of an ineffective Democratic Party. He tried to straddle the fence to see which side was going to butter his bread, but since the Repukelicans lost, he crawled back to the Dumbicrats. So, Liarman played politics, didn't get called to the carpet by the winning party, and HE is the asshole? He is an asshole, but I think that he is getting WAYYY too much credit.

Oso said...

Big props to Otis-unless Lisa used The Mom Voice on you and dictated your post-in which case I feel your pain man.

Lisa G. said...

I told you - I don't use the Mom Voice on the hubby. He's waaayyy bigger than me and he has his own opinions (keeping in mind that he is a recovering Republican and he voted for that dumbass Bush twice). He needs no help from the likes of me. :)

TomCat said...

Lisa, you're most welcome. LIEberscum is the exception to every rule.

Truth, that was the message we sent, but it is a message that we keep repeating. Why do you think I call Harry Reid the Nevada Leg Hound?

Otis, even that would have been overly Generous. Good God! He was stumping the campaign trail with McConJob and Mooseolini!! Thge day after health care is resolved, one way or the other, he should be given the Chair of a new Senate committee: the Larry Craig Restroom Oversight Committee.

LOL @ Otis & Lisa. You guys ought to have a show on the Comedy Channel!

TomCat said...

TYPO!! :-( Oso & Lisa