Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Open Thread – 1/27/2010

Yesterday I caught up on comments, but did virtually no visiting, because I had occupational and physical therapy.  One of the exercises was walking around a square path of corridors for six minutes while the therapist followed me holding a blood oxygen monitor hooked to me.  On each circuit, I passed a skeleton, whom I named George, and had an ongoing conversation with him as I passed.  The therapist was laughing like hell, especially when I said, “George, considering your physical condition, I sure hope you’re a Republican.”  I learned some good stuff, though.  This will take up one day a week, and I’ll be done in March.  Today will ve no better, because it’s my volunteer day at the therapy group.

Today’s Jig Zone puzzle took me 4:18.  To do it, Click Here. How did you do?

Here’s your cartoon:

Happy Hump Day!


otis said...

4:53 on the puzzle. I am going to not do those so early in the morning.

Hill said...

LOLOLOL'ing at your convo with "George".


TomCat said...

Dang! Finally!! I do them earlier!! ;-)

Glenda, you should have been there!