Saturday, January 9, 2010

AFA Wants Amanda Simpson Fired

The GOP hate machine never rests.

amandasimpson The conservative American Family Association is calling on President Barack Obama to fire Amanda Simpson, Obama's transgender appointee to the Commerce Department, because the appointment "puts the weight of the federal government behind the normalization of sexual deviancy."

"'Amanda' is a biological male in every cell of his body, and no amount of surgical mutilation is ever going to change that," AFA President Tim Wildmon said in a press release circulated Thursday. "It's a mistake for our president to appoint such a sexually confused individual to a position of public responsibility."

Wildmon went on to say that "gender is assigned by the Creator at the moment of conception, and no healthy society should ever regard sexual mutilation, even if it's self-inflicted, as something that's normal and merits approval."

He ended by saying the "appointment should be rescinded immediately."

Throughout the press release, Simpson is referred to as "he" and the name Amanda is put in quotation marks. That appears to be a tactic now employed by opponents of Simpson's appointment. Media watchdog MediaMatters pointed out that the conservative WorldNetDaily did the same thing in an article [ideologue de-linked] about Simpson that stated she ("he") had spent $70,000 on sex-change operations since 2000.

The gay-issues Queerty blog warns that the rumblings in the right-wing media about Simpson's appointment could be a prelude to a "slime" campaign a la Kevin Jennings.

Her real worry should be with groups like MassResistance and Fox News, which have spearheaded efforts to slime other LGBT Obama appointees, including Kevin Jennings. These radical right-wing mouthpieces don't care about the substance of your work nor your job qualifications, but about what makes you different. And we fully expect an assault on Simpson's character, disguised as her "work ethic" or "prior missteps."…

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Personally I only know a couple of transgender women, both through dealing with them through their jobs.  Both served me professionally and efficiently, and I will be happy to deal with them again.  I applaud Barack Obama for this appointment, not because she is transgender, but because he did not exclude a competent candidate on the basis of sexual identity.


Oso said...

These damn Christians-they just don't let up. I hadn't been aware of this story,thank you, but it's just one more thing, one more thing to show what dirtbags the Theocons are.

If Amanda can't do her job then say so,build a case and fire her.She's not flamboyant from the picture you post here.Please excuse my language TC but nothing else will do-they should leave her the fuck alone. Why continue to plague and cause pain to someone who has probably had to deal with more than her share of pain in life?
Why make an issue out of someone appointed to a position 99% of America has never heard of ?
We have war criminals and thieves and liars and thieving liars and thieving lying war criminals-ok enough-in public office. People who supported and abetted genocidal war and who are openly captured and controlled by Wall St, a House and cabinet and bureacracy filled with parasitic assholes-yet the Theocons want this one bureacrat appointed to an insignifcant post booted out while all those dirtbags are overlooked.

OK back to the medicine stash I can't cope.

TomCat said...

Oso, even if she is flamboyant, that should not matter, as long as she does her job. Authentic Christians do not behave like these people. If they were following Jesus' example, they would be tolerant to all, except to intolerant religious hypocrites.

Lisa G. said...

Oso, righteous rant! Good on you!

I agree, unless she can't do her job, leave her the hell alone.

The American Family Association along with Focus on the Family have to be the most wrongly named organizations in history. See my comment above about being irony impaired.

I worked with a gay man in the '80s and I tell you what, that guy was one of the best credit managers I've ever met. Plus, his gay jokes were pee your pants funny.

This is a really funny story - I grew up in a town of 30,000 people; we barely had black people, much less gays. When I graduated college, I moved to the big city of Chicago. I had a friend that lived in 'Boys Town' - with me having no concept of the meaning of the name. (I lived in Evanston - a nice, white suburb, just north of Chicago.) She invited me to go to the Gay Pride parade (knowing full well that I had no idea what that was about) - sounds like fun, I say. (Clearly, I had just fallen off the pumpkin truck.) It was fun and I was cool with the whole thing - a little shocked, but cool. Then I ventured into a bar. My friend said "Um, no, not that bar." "Bah" I say, "what's wrong with that bar?" She leaves me at the bar to go to the bathroom, knowing full well what's going to happen to me. Not 2 minutes later, I'm getting hit on by a woman. I stumble through "Um, I bat for the other team?" She was totally cool about it. I think the look of complete and utter shock on my face gave it away. I look over to see my friend, doubled over in laughter. Bitch. Yes, I still talk to her!

TomCat said...

Lisa, that I would love to have seen!! Are you SURE that's what happened? ;-)