Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It’s Time to Dump Reid!!

The Nevada Leg Hound, Harry Read has been too busy spinelessly humping GOP and Blue Dog legs to be an effective Majority Leader in the Senate:

Reid-LegHound Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 9/18-20. Likely voters. MoE 4% (8/31-9/2 results)

Harry Reid (D) 41 (40)

Danny Tarkanian (R) 52 (45)

Reid (D) 42 (41)

Sue Lowden (R) 51 (44)

Yeah, incumbents usually don't come back from numbers like that in the best of times. In this political environment? Brutal. Reid's favorability rating of 34 percent, compared to 55 percent unfavorable, doesn't give him much room for improvement. Among independents, that number is 26-61. Definitely brutal.

This isn't the first poll showing Reid in trouble, there are plenty of those floating around. So we decided to look for a Democrat that could hold the seat for us.

Oscar Goodman (D) 44

Tarkanian (R) 41


Goodman (D) 44

Tarkanian (R) 40


Shelley Berkley (D) 40

Tarkanian (R) 46


Berkley (D) 40

Lowden (R) 45


Ross Miller (D) 36

Tarkanian (R) 44


Miller (D) 37

Lowden (R) 43

Miller is the Nevada Secretary of State. With name ID of only 38 percent, he's unknown, but has potential upside. Berkley is a congresswoman, and tainted with DC. That association is toxic.

Then there's Oscar Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas who recently left the Democratic Party to run for governor as an independent. The flamboyant politician certainly carries none of the stench of DC's failed political culture on him, making him the most electable Democrat in the state. And he's not even a Democrat anymore...

Inserted from <Daily Kos>

Since it seems clear that this jellyfish cannot even hold onto his own Senate seat, Nevada Democrats need to run a candidate with a better chance at winning the seat, and leave the Majority Leadership to be filled by a Democrat with sufficient spine to stand up to the GOP.


Infidel753 said...

While these figures do show that the party (and perhaps Obama personally) need to be prepared to encourage Reid to retire for the good of the country, don't forget that the election is still nine months away. A lot can happen in that time. Not that I expect Reid to change his spots (or rather his poodlehood), but the environment for Democrats in general may be much better by then, depending on the economy and on unforeseeable developments.

MadMike said...

Great graphic. It is my understanding that Reid is going to have trouble getting re-elected in Nevada later this year. Then again, as Infidel says, a lot can happen between now and then.

the walking man said...

harry should just announce hi retirement and let the field run open without his distraction.

Lisa G. said...

I agree with everyone here. With numbers like that and Democrats in the state already ads against him, he needs to go.

Lisa G. said...

"running ads" - jeez, a blonde moment 2 days in a row. Either that or my LTD (Lisa typing disease) is back.

TomCat said...

Infidel and Mike, even if the climate for Democrats warms, I'd almost rather see a Repuglican take the seat than have Reid keep it. We need real leadership and the Senate Dems are too cowardly to dump him.

Feel free to steal, Mike.

Mark, right on!

Lisa, no matter how hard you try, you cannot dethrone me. TomCat is king of the typo.

Jolly Roger said...

"Stepnfetchit" Reid has been a Rushpubliscum water boy for his whole tenure as "leader," from his minority days till now.

Time to get rid of him? There was never a good time to SEAT him.

Oso said...

is that Jerry Tarkanian's kid, Danny Tarkanian? If so does the guy campaign with a towel in his mouth? How could he be interviewed ?

Hill said...

Maybe he can announce his retirement in a sternly-worded letter?

Nah. That might imply some sort of leadership...

TomCat said...

JR, your point is well taken, and you know I labled him the Nevada Leg Hound years ago.

Oso, I don't know who Danny is.

LOL, Glenda! Amen! Congrats on being the 32,000th visitor here. :-)