Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Breaking: Two Key Senators Stepping Down

In a major surprise, two leading Democratic Senators have announced that they will not seek reelection in 2010.

Dodd Senator Christopher J. Dodd, the embattled Connecticut Democrat who was facing an increasingly tough bid for a sixth term in the United States Senate, has decided not to seek re-election this year, Democrats familiar with his plans said Wednesday.

Mr. Dodd, 65, a pivotal figure in the major debates now confronting Congress, is to announce his decision at a news conference Wednesday afternoon in Connecticut...

...The developments underscored the fragility of the Democrats’ 60-vote Senate majority, which is just enough to block Republican filibusters. Democratic incumbents also face serious challenges in Arkansas, Colorado, Nevada and Pennsylvania among other states.

In this case, Mr. Dodd was already considered one of the most vulnerable Democrats facing re-election this November, and party officials had been privately hoping he would step aside. His move opens the way for the state’s highly popular attorney general, Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat, to run. Democrats and Republicans said he would be a much stronger candidate in what is a Democratic state…

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I look at Dodd’s resignation as more of an opportunity than a loss.  Dodd’s support for banksters over the American people will not be missed.  Now we have a chance to replace him with a genuine progressive.

dorgan_byron In a statement released this afternoon, Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) announced that he will not be running for re-election:

I would like to do some teaching and would also like to work on energy policy in the private sector.

So, over this holiday season, I have come to the conclusion, with the support of my family, that I will not be seeking another term in the U.S. Senate in 2010. It is a hard decision to make after thirty years in the Congress, but I believe it is the right time for me to pursue these other interests.

Let me be clear that this decision does not relate to any dissatisfaction that I have about serving in the Senate. Yes, I wish there was less rancor and more bipartisanship in the U.S. Senate these days. But still, it is a great privilege to serve and I have the utmost respect for all of the men and women with whom I serve.

Dorgan is perhaps most remembered for his prescience in predicting the negative consequences of repealing the Glass-Steagall financial regulatory reforms, which broke down the barriers between investment and depository banking. Upon passage of the bill in 1999, Dorgan predicted, “I think we will look back in 10 years’ time and say we should not have done this but we did because we forgot the lessons of the past, and that that which is true in the 1930’s is true in 2010.” Watch it:


During the recent health care debate, Dorgan introduced a measure to allow Americans to import foreign drugs, thus lowering the cost of prescription medications for millions of Americans. Under his direction, the Senate Democratic Policy Committee reported on the tremendous waste and abuse of military contractors operating in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dorgan has been a crusader for the middle class...

Inserted from <Think Progress>

The loss of Byron Dorgan, on the other hand, is a major hit.  Perhaps he feels frustrated over the disingenuous tactics of the GOP to trash the country in hopes of gaining political advantage.  They have made it virtually impossible for the Senate to do their work.  I wish he would stay.

Nevertheless, let us thank him for his service to the nation, and wish him the best.  His telephone number is (202) 224-2551.


the walking man said...

I agree with you Tom about Dorgan but I really think much more than 12 years as a senator really insulates them from the reality of their constituents. after a couple of terms it seems as if the politics becomes the business of the legislators as opposed to the peoples desires.

One Fly said...

Certainly these men did a better job than most and when they explain why they will not mention that Rove told them they couldn't play any more.

Holte Ender said...

Will be glad to see the back of Dodd, he has become less and less appealing in the past few years. His getting into bed with Wall Street was the last straw for me.

Lisa G. said...

On Dodd, can't say I'll miss him.

But Dorgan, holy shite Batman (that was one of my favorite shows as a little girl), did he call that or what? He even got the timing right. There are plenty of Native American casinos in ND, out in boo-foo, where Jesus lost his sandals, I say let that man play! And if they have a lottery, he should play that too.

Maybe he should go work for the Christain Taliban and predict the end times. Nah, he seems too nice for that! I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

Jack Jodell said...

It is now time for voters in both states to rise up, nominate, and elect more Russ Feingolds, Bernie Sanderses, Al Frankens, Ron Wydens, Barbara Boxers, and the like, who are progressive-minded liberals and really understand what everyday working Americans need!

TomCat said...

Mark, that is often the case. In Dorgan's case, it wasn't. In Dodd's, I think it was.

Holte, I agree. the Countrywide scandal did not help.

LMAO, Lisa!

Jack, I couldn't have said it better.

otis said...

Like you said, I can't wait for Dodd and the other Bush-Whipped dems to get the hell out of the way for some real left wing policy.

I am not a left wing person, but I would at least like to hear the argument every now and then. We have needed some hard left in Congress for 10 years now. There is a place and a need for liberal policies, but right now, you can't hear them anywhere. It's like McCarthyism all over again. It's really tragic.

I don't know much about Dorgan, but the fact that he argued against repealing Glass-Steagall is enough for me to miss him already.

TRUTH 101 said...

I'm glad that Dodd saw the writing on the wall. It was pretty sure he was going to lose so he did the right thing for the Party and America by stepping aside to let someone that has a chance of keeping the seat Democratic try.

I don't have much use for the DINO's but it's still better than a republican. I admit sometimes that's like choosing the less smelly pile of dung to step in.

Lisa G. said...

Everyone, please say a prayer for my killer assassin bunny, Quincy. He looks terrible, he's not eating anything but his 'slurry' and I'm afraid I'll wake up and find him gone. Although I'm deathly allergic to him, I've kept up with his meds (Claritan, get some), he just looks really, really bad. Please, he needs everyone pulling for him.

I never realized how much I liked the little guy until now. He's so quiet that it's easy to to forget about him. But, he's so cute that you forget all that. Even though I'm the only one he bites (and I'm the one who feeds him 90% of the time), he's still an absolute doll. And the fact that he's the most quiet pet (in a house of 2 teenage boys, you appreciate that) I've ever had, well, you can't help but love him.

So please, if you pray, say one for the cutest bunny on the planet (when my husband took him in, everyone wanted to take him home), not to mention he is trained as an assassin by the CIA (ok, I totally made that part up!), that he gets better. 'Cause I'd miss the asthma attacks that he gives me (even with the Claritin) that he gives me. Plus, he is the cutest bunny ever.

Thanks to all. Lisa

Oso said...

I'm sorry to hear about Quincy.
I hope he recovers, my family are all animal lovers so I understand completely your distress.I hope God spares him so you can enjoy having Quincy around longer.
You are a good person,to truly care about a little animal.

Lisa G. said...

I've been holding him for about 3 hours now; normally, he would not tolerate this nonsense. Please say your best Indian prayer for him.

Lisa G. said...

PS - If anyone can heal him, you can Oso. If it's his time, well then God is calling him to Bunny Heaven. When he tells all the other bunnies how good he had it, they'd be saying "Dude, you left that? What are you thinking?".

Oso said...

sometimes the medicine works sometimes it doesn't.For Quincy I hope it works.Poor little guy.

Lisa G. said...

He's gone to bunny heaven. Thanks for your help though. You did your best I'm sure. God gets another really cute bunny to add to his collection.

I'll take him to the vet to cremated before the boys come back.

Oso said...

It's hard I know.My big girl had a tiger cat,she was an outside cat.15 years old.I'd noticed a couple months ago she was all swollen up,knew she wasn't pregnant and found she had cancer.They drained the fluid,said it was terminal but I took her home. took care of her for a week or so,she started to swell up again but purred and ate her food.One day I found her in a corner,just looking miserable.I took her to the vet and held her while she was put to sleep.I cried like a chump, almost as soon as the needle went into her she was gone so it was time. I buried her in the backyard.

I had a wonderful cat years ago,he really loved me and was sick and I waited too long. Busy with a 3 year old, didn't have time for him and he suffered a few days. I've never gotten over that.

It was time for Quincy, you stood by him and held him and he went cause it was his time.

You did right by him Lisa.

TomCat said...

Otis, in some ways, I'm radical. In others I'm moderate. I'm old enough to remember the Eisenhower and Kennedy years. back then, most conservatives were far more liberal than most liberals are today.

Truth I understand that. I'm hearing that Dodd might get Treasury. I would have a hard time supporting that nomination, but could he be worse than Summers?

Lisa, I'm so sorry that Quincy did not make it. I feel guilty for joking about him in the open thread the other day. Had I had any idea he was in such a bad way, I would not have done so. Oso, has said everything else I would have said, and I agree. You did right by him.

Lisa G. said...

I cried the whole time I was holding him, I even called the hubby several times. One of the worst days of my life was putting my "puppy" to sleep; he had bone cancer and I couldn't cut his leg off. He was a lab, dob, greyhound mix. That boy could out run a car at 30nph. It killed me to put him down.

The bunny was the cutest bunny ever. I'n thinking of having him s stuffed, by the husband thinks that weird. Yeah, Like you're not weird?

Please, I look like the most normal person in the book next to him.
Bah, bring it!

Lisa G. said...

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes for Quincy. In bunny heaven, he's thanking you all as well. I still feel guilty though. I wish I was able to do more for him.

TomCat said...

Lisa, there is nothing more you could have done. {{{Hug}}}

JUDI M. said...

I sorta like the idea of term limits for Congressmen ("people") myself. They don't need to stay so long that they get real chummy with big business, lobbyists, and believe the American people owe them a living. After awhile I think they loose sight of why they are there. But we need to have good people in place to take their place.

Lisa G. said...

Thanks again everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. I'll wait for the boys to get home so they can say goodbye to him. Then, I'll take him to the vet and have him cremated. I'll put him in the veggie garden (as I did with my other pets) so he can be at peace.

TC - do not feel guilty about joking about him. It was just his time, like it will be for all of us someday. He knows how to take a joke, like the rest of us here in the family of 6 with 4 last names. He was a real cutie though; I called the woman who gave him to me and she said she'd look for another for me (even though I'm deathly allergic to only bunnies, no other pets, just bunnies). I'll have to call the CIA though, and tell them - I'm sure they will not be pleased. :) But, then again, they didn't even potty train him, so they have no reason to bitch!

Thanks again to all.

TomCat said...

Judi, I like that idea, but a guy named Solon tried that in ancient Greece. The legislators just sold out for employment after their terms ended. Publicly financed campaigns is what we need, I think.

Thanks Lisa. When he gets there, he'll get to meet Rabbi Arab ben Rabbit, who was a gift for my son 39 years ago.

Lisa G. said...

You named your rabbit Rabbi Arab ben Rabbit? That's hilarious!

A lot of people have said that when they die, they want to come back as one of my pets. He would only eat 1 kind of bunny food (Ecotrim), Mediterranean apricots, finely diced (not the crappy California ones), Honey crisp apples, finely diced (no other kind), Romaine lettuce, strawberries, also diced, (not the tops), crushed pineapple, and blueberries. He ate better than most kids do! Oh, and only Aspen wood chips in his cage - no crappy pine - and Timothy Hay, in his cage and a little ball to eat from. I lined his cage with the Republican rag, the Chicago Tribune, but he didn't read much because the wood chips would go on top. :)

TomCat said...

Lisa, I did. He was a terrorist... a poo bomber. Hey, can I get that status while I'm still alive? ;-)