Sunday, December 6, 2009

Has the Left Been Unfair to Teabaggers?

Frequently in the media, as well as in comments by right wingers on some of the blogs I visit, I find members of the Tea Party movement complaining about the use of the term “teabaggers” to describe them. I have replied to such comments that the term is one that the Tea Party movement adopted for themselves.  Still, this raises the question of whether or not we on the left have been unfair to the teabaggers.  Rachel Maddow aired an excellent video on the subject.


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I hope you found that as entertaining as I did.  Nevertheless, after careful consideration, I have determined that we have been unfair to teabaggers and therefore, an apology is in order.  So to teabaggers, wherever you are, I apologize.  You should have been able to pursue your taste for scrotum dipping without being compared to extremist right wing ideologues.  However, since the term has taken hold so predominantly since the Tea Party movement stole your identity, I suggest that you find another term to describe your practice.


Holte Ender said...

Bush had a 20% approval rating when he left office, there's your teabaggers right there. Over at the Beekeepers Apprentice site, Ms Bee calls them the 20%ers.

Sue said...

If we can't have "great chortling fun" at conservatives expense what are we supposed to do?? LOL

jasondylan said...

Very funny Tom! Nice switcheroo.

I remember the term tea-bagging from grade school. It is such an hilarious visual. You can't help but laugh about it.

Rachel did a great job on this.
'Teabagga please' is great.

Great site man!

MadMike said...

TC in keeping with your post check out the responses to my review of The Palin's book:

The Palin's book

Lisa G. said...

I'm still calling them teabaggers - they thought of the name and now the OWN it. If you're too stupid to figure out what your name means in another context (the original context by the way) and that's what you name YOURSELVES, then you can't go around later and change your name once everyone starts making fun of you. You bought it and there are no returns!

One Fly said...

They screwed up and it's our fault because we're picking/making fun of them for being simple and incorrect fucktards. Sheez.

Being nice doesn't get you anywhere with the likes of people like these.

Stimpson said...

you're having a ball with this, aren't ya?

TRUTH 101 said...

What these teabagging idiots haven't figured out is that we call them teabaggers not because it is a synonym for scrotums, but simply because it pisses them off.

If it pisses off tea bagging right wing republican fools, it's time well spent.

Teabagger. Teabagger. Teabagger...

TomCat said...

It seems that a couple of you missed the punchline here.

Holte, I've call them that on several occasions, but the Reich has a better ring to it.

Too true, Sue.

Thanks Jason. I really feel sorry for the authentic teabaggers. ;-)

Mike, I just read them. I betcha a dollar that at least a couple are paid movement reps.

Me too, Lisa.

Stimpson... Oh yeah! :-)

Truth, that's fun too! Congrats on being visitor number 19,000.

Jack Jodell said...

Those far-right fanatics can always dish it out but can't take it. I say, the self-titled name should stick.

TomCat said...

I think so too, Jack.