Saturday, December 19, 2009

Open Thread – 12/19/2009

Yesterday I finally caught up.  I answered all the back comments here and visited most ofg the blogs I frequent.  I’m behind in answering comments again, but a visit from Lisa does that to a blog. ;-)

Today’s Jig Zone puzzle took me 3:48.  To do it, Click Here.  How did you do?

Here’s your cartoon:

How are you spending the last weekend before Christmas?


Lisa G. said...

Sorry, I was sick for a couple of days - I had pink eye (yes, apparently I'm 3, and no, my kids didn't have it; they just bring it home and give it to me!), staph infections, a fever of indeterminate origin, and my back went out. I was just trying to catch up.

And no, my stepson is not home for good. He ships back out on the 30th at 4:00am. :( His next stop will probably be Afghanistan. Ugh, like I said before, Military Intelligence is an oxymoron.

TomCat said...

Don't apologize, Lisa. My comment was a tongue-in- cheek compliment. Most bloggers would love you as I do. Sorry about your eye, and I hope you are on the mend. Your stepson will remain in my prayers, as I hope for his safe return.

Lisa G. said...

I know, I was just joshing with ya. I am on the mend, but my son has an indeterminate virus, which he will surely pass along, because he loves me so much.

Lisa G. said...

And thanks for the prayers for my stepson. Like I said, he's a helo mechanic, so he's relatively safe. But that apparently that includes 'clean up duty'; when a chopper goes down, he has to 'clean up' the mess. The chopper hit an electrical wire and went down in flames. Both pilots were burned beyond recognition. He had just talked to the pilots 15 minutes before. I bought him some Vicks for Christmas.

On a good note, he's apparently starting the holiday early; he rented a hotel room Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I'm pretty sure there is a schedule involved. :) His dad (my husband) told him to tell his mom that it was either that, or her couch. She wisely opted for the hotel room.

TomCat said...

Lisa, I thought you might be joshing, but long experience in the blogosphere has taught me to always be sure about such things. Hope your son keeps his virus to himself. I used to be a volunteer firefighter, so I've come upon a few pretty grizzly scenes, but never involving people I knew, and it was still hard for me to handle. That must have been a gut wrenching experience for him. I hope that you have a great time with your step-son.

Lisa G. said...

I am an auditor by training. I've been called a fucking bitch to my face by clients and partners. My hide is much tougher than that. I have a guy that I worked with at E&Y who sends me emails to this day. I probably said 10 words to the man in the 5 years we were there (he worked in the same group, just in a different area). He would send me the funniest, rauchiest emails ever. So I asked why one day. He said, "Because you just can't be insulted or embarrassed by ANYTHING." Ok, then.

On a side note, I think rjs needs a nap and a valium. I get the gravity of the situation, I really do, but that man needs a drink and alot of them.

libhom said...

That cartoon is so apt.

TomCat said...

Note to self: If I ever get any raunchy email, forward to Lisa! ;-)

Isn't it, Libhom. The second I saw it, I picked it.