Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why Is DOJ Defending Yoo?

I feel angry over this one.


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I really have nothing to add, because Keith has summarized my position perfectly.  Obama should instruct DOJ to back off.


Lisa G. said...

If Justice backs off on this, they are no better than the GWB criminals. The man IS a war criminal and so are the rest of them.

Marva said...

I'm sure not getting it.

I HATE that I'm beginning to distrust the Obama administration. What do we have left (and I mean left)?

The Reps may think that the falling support for Obama means they have a cloven-hoof in the door. They'd be (as usual) extremely wrong.

TomCat said...

Amen, Lisa.

Marva, I think DOJ is trying to protect DOJ power more than Yoo. The GOP Reich does not realize that most of Obama's loss of popularity comes from his policies that favor the right, not those that favor those that put him in office.