Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More on US Religious Right Behind ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill

The last time we discussed this issue, someone raised the possibility that Rick Warren and the C-Street hypocrites might be dominionists.  At the time I did not know, but now this has come to light.

GOPJesus Critics have called the Anti Homosexuality Bill due to come before "Purpose Driven" Uganda's parliament in early 2010 a "kill the gays bill." As detailed in a new report from a religious right watchdog group, networks tied to Rick Warren's mentor and doctoral dissertation advisor have played a major role in organizing and inspiring Ugandan legislators who have spearheaded the legislation, which would mandate the death penalty for homosexual acts.

Homosexuality is already legally a crime in Uganda that can lead to lifetime prison sentences, but the new bill would require the death penalty for something termed "aggravated homosexuality" and might even lead to the execution of HIV positive Ugandan citizens. Rick Warren has refused to denounce the new bill.

As described in the report, Rick Warren's Dissertation Advisor Leads Network Promoting Uganda Anti-Gay Bill, both Rick Warren and C. Peter Wagner have called on their followers to take dominion over the globe, and Rick Warren's efforts in Uganda closely parallel those of his academic mentor Peter Wagner. Mainstream media has glossed over Rick Warren's political extremism but, as shown in a video at the end of this post, in April 2005, before thousands of his church members assembled at California's Anaheim Angels sport stadium, Rick Warren described a "stealth" program for global Christian dominion and encouraged his supporters to embrace the level of dedication shown by followers of Hitler, Lenin, and Mao [see here for a partial transcript of Warren's April 17, 2005 speech at California's Anaheim Angels Stadium].

In March 2008 Rick Warren designated Uganda as the world's second officially "Purpose Driven" nation. The other is Rwanda. Rick Warren's doctoral thesis adviser C. Peter Wagner leads globally influential religious networks that include, as a prominent "prophet," Founder of TheCall Lou Engle - whose organization played a substantial role in passing California's anti-gay marriage Proposition Eight.

Warren has backed and associated himself with virulently anti-gay religious leaders in Uganda, Rwanda, and Nigeria who are known for their anti-gay tirades, and Warren was until 2007 working closely with Ugandan preacher Martin Ssempa, who is one of the most extreme anti-gay activists in his country.

Peter Wagner is an unabashed dominionist and has said so in his books. Rick Warren tries to fudge things but as a new report details, there seems to be little difference in Warren's and Wagner's agendas... [emphasis added]

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Here’s the video:


It does not surprise me that Warren wants his followers to emulate those of Hitler, Lenin and Mao.  The dominion theology movement believes that God intends them to take over the world on his behalf, using force if necessary.  The Left Behind books and games are their tool to desensitize their people to committing acts of violence.  They are totally intolerant and completely ruthless.  They do not worship the same God I do.  They invented Supply-Side Jesus to personify their gospel of greed, intolerance, and violence.  The way I figure it, when and if God decides to take over the world, she can handle it without any help from wing-nuts.


Lisa G. said...

Why can't they leave their hate here in the US? Now they have to start messing with other countries? What, you don't have enough to do here? Rick Warren, Focus on the Family and all those other assholes should lose their 501(3)C tax exemption status. (Yeah, I know the tax code, I'm a CPA and a weird one at that!) Next up, the Mormons for interfering with CA's Prop 8! On a good note, they're all going straight to hell on the express elevator, so that gives me some comfort - just wish they would get there FASTER!

Unknown said...

It's abhorrent! But there u have it; Jesus is coming... frankly, I do think he could be pissed.

TomCat said...

Lisa, because I'm a Director in a very small non-profit, I understand the code and make it a point to keep my politics out of my official volunteer work. You must be one hell of a good accountant!!

When, if Jesus were to return in human form as he was 2,000 years ago, He would not be welcome in today's religious right churches, because they would not accept those He would choose to befriend.