Friday, December 11, 2009

GOP Sweethearts 12/11/2009: Karl Rove and Bill O

I am constantly amazed how wing-nuts always claim to know what is important to the American people.

Rove-O'Lielly The disgraced man once known as Bush's Brain actually has the nerve to say that the reason President Obama's poll numbers are slipping is because he's wasting time trying to fix our broken f*&king health care system and that's not one of the real "bread and butter" issues that Americans care about.

This from the man who led George W. Bush from an 80% approval rating to one of the lowest approval ratings in the history of America. And George Bush is considered one of the worst President in American history... Oh, yeah, and Karl couldn't help but drool all over himself when he said that Obama is focusing on climate change and never stops talking about his Nobel Peace Prize. When have you ever heard the president mention his prize outside of when he won it, and now that he's picking it up? What a liar.

Rove: ..and he's spent this year talking about health care and talking about greenhouse gas emissions and the environment and his Nobel Peace Prize and not talking about the thing that Americans are concerned about, which is jobs and the economy...

BillO: Bread and butter issues.

You may not agree with some of the measures President Obama has taken in dealing with the economy or health care for that matter, but he's certainly addressed it… [emphasis added]


Inserted from <Crooks and Liars>


Only true GOP Sweethearts could so thoroughly distort the truth.  And what are the bread and butter issues that consume the GOP?  Obama’s birth certificate, the war on Christmas, and cutting taxes for the rich.


Lisa G. said...

I watched this yesterday - all the Republicans (including BillO, Rove and that dipshit Dana Perino) live on another planet that only they can see. What color is the sky in your world? Time to open up the mental institutions for all of them - lock 'em up and throw away the key. I don't know how they keep all their lies straight - I would totally fuck that up! Unless, they actually believe the shit they spew - and in that case, we're back to the mental institution.

TomCat said...

Lisa, I can agree in an institution for O'Lielly and Dana the Dingbat, but Rove needs to share a cell with Rumsfeld. (Bush would be Cheney's cellie.)

Lisa G. said...

I'm happy with that - as long as Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush and Rice are in cells at the Hague. Or a maximum security prison like Joliet. In the general population, of course.

TomCat said...

I prefer the Hague. They would be protected there. I have no desire for vengeance. I want to see justice done, because failure to do so is an open invitation for future Presidents to repeat their crimes.