Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Bold Thank You for Bernie!

I’ve been exchanging email with a representative of  Progressive Change Campaign Committee.  They’re involved in several interesting projects, including collecting and delivering Thank You messages from Americans to Bernie Sanders for putting a hold on the nomination of Bush's Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke.  I covered Bernie’s hold here.  They saw that article, liked it and contacted me.  Here’s a video of them delivering messages to Bernie.  I found his reaction touching.


I invite you to check them out by clicking the link to them above.


Stimpson said...

Sanders is the only Senator whose politics is anything like the New Democratic Party up here in Canada. For that reason, he's my favourite.

Lisa G. said...

Bernie Sanders rocks! I signed one of those letters and added my personal thanks for all the good work he does on behalf of us progressives.

TomCat said...

Stimpson, I wish your NDP was much larger, because your liberals are conservative.

Thanks Lisa!!