Friday, October 2, 2009

Poll Results – 10/2/2009

Here are the results of out most recent poll.


87 of you (50%) want ton reject any bill that does not contain a public option.  46 (26%) want a bill with no public option.  By way of explanation, two of our articles were prominently placed in the Google News listings, prompting several comments from GOP spin-mavens under blank profiles.  Tracking their visits revealed that a couple of them cleaned their cookies and voted several times to skew the results.  To combat that, I changed polling applications.  30 (17%) of you want a public option, but think that less is better than nothing. 8 (5%) of you are still undecided.  4  (2%) of you don’t care.  I fail to understand how anyone doesn’t care about this issue.

My heart is clearly with the plurality in this poll, but my vote went to “better than nothing”.  I desperately want a public option to pass.  However, it may be that too many Democratic Senators are in the pockets of greedy corporations to get it through.  If, and only if that happens, I would accept a lesser bill that contained strict regulation over insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and absolutely no welfare for those companies.  That would mean removing the mandate (requirement to buy insurance) and removing all the funding, except funding to states to expand Medicaid to cover the working poor.

How did you vote and why?

There is now a new poll up.  It is the first in a series of short polls (7 – 10 days) intended establish a priority ranking of progressive concerns.  I know I have left out several, because I brain-farted when putting it up, so if something else is your first choice, please choose other, and comment (in the poll itself) to identify the option.  Thanks!

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