Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kerry Opposes Afghanistan Troop Increase

I think more Democrats weed to speak out on this.

asianmap During an interview with CNN’s John King, Sen. John Kerry argued that it would “irresponsible” to commit more troops to Afghanistan at a time when the legitimacy of the Afghanistan government is in doubt. Kerry’s comments came in the context of arguing that Obama shouldn’t be “cornered” into making a hasty decision:

It would be entirely irresponsible for the president of the United States to commit more troops to this country, when we don’t even have an election finished and know who the president is and what kind of government we’re working in with.

When our own commanding general tells us that a critical component of achieving our mission here is, in fact, good governance, and we’re living with a government that we know has to change and provide it, how could the president responsibly say, “Oh, they asked for more, sure — here they are”?

Watch it:

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I agree with Kerry’s key contention.  Although the conflict in Afghanistan is still so small that it does not compare to Vietnam, we need to avoid making a similar mistake.  In Vietnam, we supported a series of virtual dictators, beginning with Diem instead of supporting populist leaders.  Karzai, a Unocal employee, was installed by the Bush/GOP regime.  The corruption that pervaded the recent election demonstrates that supporting him will only turn Afghanis more against us.


Mary Ellen said...

"I think more Democrats weed to speak out on this."

I think more Democrats need weed. ;-)

TomCat said...

OOPS!! Dang! {{blush}}

Distributorcap said...

i wish ONE idiot in congress could explain - what the hell are we doing in afghanistan, what is our purpose?

if it is "to get bin laden and al qaida" - - well i am not even going to answer that

RealityZone said...

After the way Kerry quit in 2004. He has no credibility in my book. Just because he comes out against this now does not improve his stature. None of these democrats are laying their political future on this by voicing their opinions loud and clear. Cut the purse strings i say. There is no real peace movement in congress. they are the enablers, and carry the water for the chickenhawks. shillary beats the war drums daily.

Anonymous said...

The War in Afghanistan is over, it's all about saving face now.

TomCat said...

DC, the last explanation I heard from Congress was from a Repuglican. so we don't have to fight them here.

RZ, sadly the peace movement in DC is made up of two people. Kucinich and he of the tin foil hat whose name I dare not mention in public lest wing-nuts explode out of the woodwork.

Welcome Canada Guy. Is that your blog? Thanks for the link. Had we supported tribal leaders eight years ago and built the nation then instead of installing a puppet and abandoning the nation, we'd have a good chance today.