Friday, October 30, 2009

Flash Mob of Teabaggers Swarms Capitol

When the Pelosi said she would unveil the House health care bill, the email went out and Faux Noise cranked up the propaganda machine.  To same America from the evils of Islamofascism by forming a “flash mob” go protest the announcement, and a magnificent mob they were… all ten of them.

glenn-beck-tin-foil-hat It certainly wasn't the "flash mob" organizers were hoping for, but a small but determined group of Tea Party Patriots gathered on the Capitol Lawn this morning to protest the announcement of a final House health care reform bill.

TPMDC counted about 10 Tea Partiers holding signs denouncing a "government takeover" of health care and looking with disdain as House Democrats gathered on the Capitol Steps. They stood in a larger group of protesters from other groups, mostly focused on abortion rights.

Joann Abbott, a grandmother from Northern Virginia, made the drive to the protest this morning after seeing the email sent by Tea Party leaders last night. When asked if she was part of the "flash mob," she laughed. "I'm here on my own," she said, looking around at the scattered protesters around her. "If this is organized, we suck."

Lisa Miller, another protestor, said she was an organizer with a D.C. tea party group. She insisted that the event wasn't organized by a national organization, despite yesterday's email which was signed by a group calling itself "Your Tea Party Patriots National Coordinator Team."

"People keep reporting we're a single group," she said. "But we're not -- we're all separate."

"It's like we're in different cars but we're all going in the same direction," Abbott explained… [emphasis added]

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No doubt, when the House Republicans try to pass a resolution praising the teabaggers for this “flash mob”, these ten poor misguided sheep will have ballooned into a crowd of thousands.


the walking man said...

Maybe if they marched in a circle partially obscured by the pro life group they would appear as if they had at least twenty individual think for themselves souls there.

Sue said...

Oh Tom aren't they just the scariest bunch of morons, all ten of them! LOLOL! How embarrassing...

Randal Graves said...

Once again, you lie-bruls distort the facts. I heard there was at least 100,000 there and they made Nancy Pelosi cry and sprint up the steps to hide in her office.

TomCat said...

LOL, Mark. Shhhh.... they might figure that out!! ;-)

Isn't that the truth Sue?

Randal, they're making a new flavor of Kool aid in your honor. Eau de Outhouse! ;-)

TRUTH 101 said...

I posted this link as a response to a rightie on my Facebook page Tomcat. I hope that's OK with you.

TomCat said...

Truth, as long as it's for the purpose of forwarding the progressive cause, I'm not at all proprietary. While I appreciate the courtesy of a hat-tip, the operative commandment for material here that you want is, "Thou shalt steal"!