Friday, October 2, 2009

Cheney: Evidence on the Way

I’m sure you remember how the Bush/GOP administration committed treason by disclosing the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame as revenge against her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson for truthfully exposing  the Bush/GOP lies inventing a phony sale of yellowcake uranium to Iraq.  I trust you also remember that Scooter Libby went to prison for his lies to protect the Dead-eye Dork Cheney from responsibility for his part in that dreadful affair.  We have some great news on that front.

Jail Cheney A federal judge Thursday ordered the Justice Department to make public large portions of statements made by then-Vice President Richard B. Cheney to federal investigators about the Valerie Plame case.

Ruling in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by a public interest group, the judge dismissed government objections to withholding FBI reports and notes, which describe an interview of Cheney by a special prosecutor. The government had argued that it could withhold the records because their release might chill cooperation by White House officials in future investigations.

At one point, the Justice Department argued that future officials might not want to talk to investigators if they knew that such interviews might "get on 'The Daily Show' " or be used as a political weapon.

But U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruled that the government's argument was too vague to justify withholding the documents under the public information laws.

The Justice Department cannot "describe with any reasonable degree of particularity the subject matter of the hypothetical proceedings, the parties involved, when such proceedings might occur, or how the information withheld here might be used by the hypothetical parties to interfere with these hypothetical proceedings," the judge wrote...

...Anne Weismann, chief counsel for CREW, said, "Overall we are very pleased that the judge did not accept an interpretation of FOIA that would have allowed the government to withhold law enforcement records in virtually every case."...

Inserted from <Common Dreams>

Hats off to CREW.  They are doing some great work.  My only complaint is that their site lacks an RSS feed, bot they’re worth a spot in your favorites.

I look forward to getting the details of those interviews, because I do not doubt for a minute that Cheney told a pack of lies that we can expose.  I still hope that the leaders of the Bush/GOP regime will face the legal consequences of their many crimes.


the walking man said...

This is an internal American document and not one related to national security and it should be fully disclosed with no redaction.

I am all for jailing the bastards but there is a lot on the plate at the moment, prepare the case and deliver charges before the statute of limitations reply. There is no room for diversion now.

Annette said...

I fully believe that if the documents show evidence of a crime, Eric Holder will prosecute or will appoint a special prosecutor.. I have no doubts about that at all.. So far my faith in them has been true so I am still holding strong.. I said all along that if we just stood firm and let it take it's course they would start some prosecutions, and it looks to be happening now..

It is a slow process, and we have to be patient.. hard I know.. but that's how it works..

Randal Graves said...

None of these jokers will ever see the inside of a cell, so the ceiling of happy fun candy goodness is probably a series of actions proven to be so toxic to all good sense that no future pretzeldent dare attempt them. Of course, since we live in the real world, ha ha.

That said, good on CREW.

TomCat said...

Mark, I agree.

Annette, I'm not that optomistic about it. Had Cheney admitrted to anything, Fitzgerald would have charged him. The best we can expectn is lies to expose.

Randal, you're probably correct, but I'm not goiving up.