Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here’s Why Obama Deserves The Nobel Prize

During my travels yesterday, I comment on several blogs that, while I congratulated Obama for winning the Nobel Prize, I thought that giving it to him after he earns it would be better.  Upon further reflection, I’ve changed my mind.  Even though his nomination came just days after he assumed the Presidency, Obama deserves it.  Why?

Barack Obama made the biggest single contribution to to world peace any politician could make.  He led the movement that removed the Republican Party from power in the US.  First, they love wars for oil and conquest.  Second, their positions are insane.  Consider this:


Do you want these nut-jobs running your country?


the walking man said...

No I do not want these fools running the nation any longer but no one with power is willing to wrest it from them. So far not even the president they rail against has stood up to them.
While I applaud his international work of reconciliation, I am concerned with his lack of domestic agenda.

This is what I have done with the exception of Chapter 7 because I have no debt.

No one is willing to withdraw all of their remaining capital from the stock market and keep it liquid because the interest is so low and the growth very slow.

No one is willing to spend ONLY on food, clothing and shelter. Even though most people have enough stuff for ten people. Save every damn dime you can not because you're cheap but because it is prudent battle strategy. Spend locally and not in chain stores.

No one is willing to go to court and file for chapter 7 bankruptcy which is the liquidation of unsecured debt. Because they erroneously believe it is no longer available.

No one is willing to forsake profit and asset building because they fear for a retirement that may never be allowed. We are becoming ever more enslaved to the corporations that now have cut so deeply that for every job that opens there are seven people wanting to fill it.

No one is willing to individually engage the bastards in the places where the battle is...the money. Make no mistake if every individual investor pulled their money from the market it would be felt and it would be in a less volatile place when the government props are removed from the worlds economy.

No one is willing to crucify Wal-mart, Target and the other pimps for goods made off shore. They ruined more than just local economies, they also enslaved us to foreign made goods through openly supporting slave wages in other nations which keep the cost of those goods low. Shop for something more than just the price.
You don't need Wal Mart you can find the same or similar goods at locally owned stores.

No one is willing to not have that Argentinian orange in the winter regardless of the ecological and financial damage it causes. Buy produce and meats that travel no less than 50-100 miles to your table and buy fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Stop eating in chain restaurants and when you do go out go to family owned establishments that won't load your plate full of artificial mass produced shit.

Few are willing to speak out as an individual to anyone they come in contact with because they have been taught to believe their voice makes no damn difference. It may not make a difference with them who rob us blind and them that are legislative whores or their procurer mouth pieces but it makes a difference to your neighbors and their neighbors and their neighbors. it makes a difference because when neighbors speak they understand that they do not stand alone and isolated.

charles moore said...

The You Tube video was truly one of the saddest things I have ever seen. These wing nuts would gladly cut off a hand (or other body part) before they would acknowledge that Obama might do something good for the country.

Naturally Beck and Limbaugh are raking in money from all of this frothing and nonsense, but really, what are their listeners getting from this?

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Well thought and said, TC!

RealityZone said...

Obama did not receive the prize for what he has done. He received it for what the world community expects him to do. we shall have to see how he reacts to this action. if he increases the troop level in AF/PAK then it should be taken away from him.

Complaint Department Manager said...

"Stop eating in chain restaurants and when you do go out go to family owned establishments that won't load your plate full of artificial mass produced shit."

Saying something like this in my neck of the woods will likely get you lynched.(Although, I can't agree with it more and it's STILL an excellent point)

Folks like Limbaugh don't realize that with all their rhetoric, they are tantamount to being only a few clicks away from being a christian jihad movement.

ivan said...

Hope these "Benedict Arnolds" are voted out.

But as Mark Twain used to say-- and way back: "If voting mattered, they wouldn' let us do it."

TomCat said...

Mark, most of what you suggest is what I do.

Thanks Charles. You're completely right.

Thanks, Gwen. You were visitor number 6,000. :-)

RZ, I wish it were as simple as that.

C, I have to disagree, but only with a few clicks away.

Ivan, Mark Twain was too wise. He also said that the only truly criminal class in America is Congress.

Stimpson said...

I guarantee ya, if BHO is heckled when he gives his Peace Prize acceptance speech, Limbaugh and Beck will praise the heckler.

Stimpson said...

At least one member of the MSM is trying to be more of a dickhead idiot than Limpballs and the World's Craziest Mormon:

TomCat said...

That's money in the bank, Stimson. Excellent article. Thanks!