Thursday, October 8, 2009

Olbermann: Special Comment – Saving American Lives

Last night I watched this and found it too good not to share.  If you prefer text to video, Click Here.  Otherwise, here is the video in it’s entirety, a little over forty minutes in length.  If you have not seen it, you owe it to yourself to do so.


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While watching, I remembered something I experienced last winter.  During a particularly severe bout with pneumonia, my doctor wanted to put me in the hospital.  When I refused to go, she told me I might die, if I did not.  I told her that, if I did go to the hospital, my inability to pay the bill would destroy my good credit that I have needed to survive the last three years.  Then I would end up under a bridge, which would kill me for sure.  So I didn’t go, and I recovered, but it was a choice nobody should have to make.

I bet that this brings back tragic memories to many of you as well.

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the walking man said...

We watched and it was beautiful to hear someone finally saying what needed be said.

Today's poetry was inspired by the clear and concise arguments KO presented last night.

Brother Tim said...

It was, by far, Olbermann's best commentary yet. He's right up there with Edward R Murrow in my books. If we only had a dozen more like him.

Vigilante said...

Yeah. Trophy Wife just got up, said good morning to me, and then started raving about Keith O. (I had spent the night on Manny & the Dodgers!)

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

I watched this very special SPECIAL COMMENT's rebroadcast at 10PM after the Twins-Yankee game. It was the same day I took my mother to an orthopedist who told her there was little he could do to ease her pain, so much of what Keith said really hit home. At this point in his career the comparisons to Morrow are fair- this commentary might rank up there with Morrow on Joe McCarthy or Cronkite on Viet Nam.

Kudos Keith...last night you and I became brothers.

LIDIA said...

Finally, somebody said what needs to be said. My only fear is that it will fall on only the ears that already know the truth about the issue. Those who really need to hear it won't. Great job Keith! Award winning in my book. Thank you.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

My sister and I were fortunate to have the best medical care and coverage for my Mom when the time came. The moments I spent in the waiting room or sneaking out for a smoke introduced me to people who were sometimes more worried over payment than the good health of treatment. My heart flooded last night listening to Keith and remembering those old friends, some who showed up at Moms funeral, who doubtless spent time in bankruptcy courts down the road.

I was rushed to the horsepistol a little over a year ago for emergency surgery sans insurance. I am not sure even now, if Medicade covered it all... yet no news is good news I figure. I would pay for insurance,if I could. Who of us would not? But Kieth... he brought tears. He put fire in the belly for the fight. We remain a second class nation because of this issue. Medicare should cover all. Period. End of sentence. Except maybe that wisdom Jack is always quoting... you know, "Tax the wealthy to make us all healthy" ... right?

Sue said...

It was an excellent program! I'm in the same boat as you Tom, no coverage and just praying nothing serious happens. Its a crime we have to live like this in America. I know other countries look at us like we are friggin idiots! Well, half of the country really are! ;-)



That hospital bit of the story is unbelievable.

In a country as rich and as powerful as the US, I can't quite fathom why people should be forced to make the choice you made because of pecuniary reasons.

I'm sorry to have to "brag" about this but where I sit (EU), I don't believe it will happen. Nay, I'm sure it won't and doesn't happen. All earners, big, medium and small, contribute pro-rata to a cash pot for health care so that this doesn't happen.

To be forced to gamble with one's health because one doesn't have the personal funds to pay for health is just not part of the Social Contract (the benefit of all).

TomCat said...

Thanks, Mark. I look forward to reading that.

Amen to that, Brother. I like your comparison.

Welcome Hugh. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's suffering.

Welcome Lidia. You're on target. Lets hope that enough do hear to get real reform.

Hi, Gwen. I'm glad you experience did not bankrupt you. I could afford insurance if I gave up two minor luxuries: rent and food. But even if I could afford it, no insurance company would cover me.

Sue, I so feel for you. I hope you make it through. Fortunately, it's a little less than half.

HB, you brag all you want. The Rupuglicans and Insurance companies have almost half the country believing that you Europeans are starving to death while in line waiting for health care. I wish our airways were flooded with Europeans telling our people what your health care is really like.

MadMike said...

I agree that this was a real gem. Olbermann's comments are thoughtful and heartfelt. More importantly they relate to the real world and the people in it.

Jo said...

That was heartbreaking.

You folks all need to move to Canada.

We had a case today of a woman who is here as a visitor from the Philippines. She needed a CT scan but does not have medical coverage and could not afford to pay for it. She got it for free. Next she will have a bronchoscopy -- free.

Hill said...

KO rocks.

And balls?

They must be made of titanium.



p.s. So sorry you had to fight pneumonia without the benefit of health care. Sucks ass, TC.


TomCat said...

Mike, I agree completely. He's a gem.

Josie, I'd love to, but I'm not polite enough. Harper's hookers would get me. ;-)

He sure does, Hill. Thank you for being so sweet. I'll be on Medicare within a month, so I'll be OK, but there are too many more making that kind of horrible decision.