Thursday, October 15, 2009

Poll Results: 10/15/2009

Here are the results of our poll that I replaced yesterday afternoon.


The winner this time was Infrastructure and Jobs, followed by Troops home from Afghanistan and Clean energy.

Do you care to discuss your vote?  I voted for Infrastructure and Jobs, because, unless the economy turns around, Republicans will have an opportunity to blame the mess they caused on Democrats, counting on public apathy to get away with the lie.  Sadly, the strategy will likely work unless we make a strong dent in unemployment in the next year.

The new poll is up.  It’s the same as the old poll except that I have removed Infrastructure and Jobs.

Don’t forget to vote.


the walking man said...

Without jobs there is no recovery for the working classes. If we are to define recovery as the Wall Street numbers then we are doing fine.

Yet that recovery on WS is spurred by the 500,000 jobs lost every week.

The bottom may fall out again when all of the governments (world wide) begin to remove their props from the financial sector if there are no jobs left for people to go to.

TomCat said...

Well said, Mark.