Monday, October 19, 2009

Hannity Addresses Liberty University

Now when most people give a university address, they go there, but Seam Hannity phoned his in.

hannidate While it is true that Sean Hannity does not have a college degree, the same can be said for NBC’s Brian Williams. Williams, however, who actually reports on the news and does not promote an agenda of hate and intolerance, does have a number of honorary degrees from esteemed institutions such as Catholic University, Providence College (Dominican Friars school), Ohio State, and Bates College. Hannity, on the other hand, has received just one honorary degree not from any Catholic colleges or esteemed mainstream schools – but from Liberty University, a school grounded in conservative Christianity and which recently offered a scholarship to a true victim of the “gay agenda,” ex Miss California, Carrie Prejean. This year, Sean Hannity (a paragon of Christian “family values” whose message is sure to bring a smile to the baby Jesus) was booked to give an address at the Liberty Commencement – along with fellow Fox employee and paragon of Christian “family values,” Karl Rove. Alas, poor Sean was sick. But not to worry. Sean got his chubby fingers working and dialed in his pearls of wisdom. Oh, praise the Lord!

Liberty has strict codes of conduct (no dancing let alone sex!) which prepare the students for a life of GOP virtue. Like Regent, another Petri dish for aspiring young Republicans, it is considered “fourth tier.” And like ACORN, Liberty had a recent problem with voter registrations – something that Hannity didn’t seem to be concerned about unlike his frequent excoriations of ACORN! In their zeal to register lots of new sainted GOP voters, in order to be the “college that elected a president,” they produced new registrations that were "illegible, incomplete, or otherwise ineligible." They also shut down the college Democratic club because Jesus only loves Republicans. But it does recognize good Christians when they see them and Hannity was considered good enough to be bestowed an honorary degree in 2005. (Did he provide tickets to any of his gal pals at the Bunny Ranch?) The late Jerry Falwell, who claimed that gays caused 9-11 (yeah, I know he apologized, but still….), loved Hannity whom he felt was “fighting the battle for freedom on the frontlines for us every day.”… [emphasis added]

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Liberty University achieved fame when Bush and the GOP packed DOJ and other government agencies with more federal appointees from this fourth rate college than from any other college or University.  Many converted their status from appointee to career employee, promising polluted agencies for years to come.  But that’s the subject of another article.

You may wonder what the Hannidate graphic has to do with this article.  It turns out that Sean has a dating service.  If you go to his web site (no link, because I refuse to provide hits),  if you click the Hannidate button, and if you say you are a man seeking a man, you’ll find an assortment of potential gay lovers.  Please don’t get me wrong.  I see nothing wrong either with being gay or with gay people seeking each other out.  What I do think is wrong is the way this vile hypocrite condemns LGBT people at every opportunity, but has no qualms about serving that community for profit.

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