Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dead-eye Resurrected the Fredo Defense

Do you remember Alfredo Gonzales testifying before Congress?  I might.  I’m not sure.  I don’t recall.  CREW has posted the redacted notes from Cheney’s FBI interview.  It will make you sick.

cheney-and-gonzalez When President Ronald Reagan was asked about Iran-Contra, he replied that he did not remember whether he had authorized two illegal arms sales to Iran in 1985. Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales stated "I don't recall" or similar phrases 64 times in one memorable day of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee -- a performance so memorable that it has since been set to music as a cantata.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney may now have joined their illustrious company, with the release of a redacted summary (pdf) of his May 8, 2004 interview by the FBI concerning the outing of CIA officer Valerie Plame in July 2003.

The summary was released on Friday afternoon in response to a Freedom of Information request from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. It consists, however, almost entirely of things that Cheney asserted he either did not know or could not recall.

Cheney advised the FBI, for example, "that he has no idea who may have made the unauthorized disclosure" of Plame's identity, that he did not know of any other reporters besides Robert Novak who might have received the information, and that no one had ever confided to him that they had passed information about Plame to reporters. Cheney also claimed that to the best of his knowledge no one had ever told him about discussing the issue with reporters, even after Novak's column outing Plame appeared on July 14, 2003.

In fact, by his own testimony, Cheney took almost no interest in either Ambassador Joseph Wilson's trip to Niger in 2002 to check out claims that Saddam Hussein had attempted to purchase uranium there or the outing of Wilson's wife in 2003. Cheney said the first he knew of Wilson's trip was when he read about it in a New York Times by Nicholas Kristof in May 2003 -- and that he took almost no interest in the matter even after that point.

Cheney also said he "could not remember any reaction he had to the Kristof article at the time it was published," did not follow subsequent newspaper coverage of Wilson's claims, was not aware of whether reporters were asking his office about the trip, and only discussed the matter with Central Intelligence Director George Tenet once by phone.

When asked about Wilson's New York Times editorial of July 6, 2003, Cheney stated that he was "relatively certain he spoke to someone about the article, but he cannot recall exactly who it was." Even when shown a copy of the editorial with notes in his own handwriting in the margin, he indicated "he has no specific recollection of when he wrote the notes" and that "he cannot recall if he discussed the underlined portions of the editorial with any one."

When Cheney was asked about specific members of the Bush administration with whom he might have discussed Wilson or Plame, he consistently replied that he did not have, was not aware of having had, or did not recall any such discussions. At one point, Cheney "stated that the identity of Valerie Wilson and her employment was not high on his radar screen and her employment with the CIA and relationship with Joe Wilson did not figure prominently in his thinking."

Even when Cheney was shown a document with Joseph Wilson's name written in his handwriting in the margin in his own handwriting, he insisted that "he has no specific memory of this document, and recalls no reason why he kept it... [emphasis added]

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Never before have I heard such a clear case of dissembling.  The man is clearly guilty of treason.  He outed the identity of a CIA agent.  In the process, he exposed the company for which she claimed to work as her cover.  Thus, Cheney effectively outed a network of CIA agents, whose cover was based on the same front company.  Cheney also outed all the people who dealt with Plame and those other CIA agents, while using that cover.  This surely included several foreigners who had become CIA assets.  To minimize the damage, we will never know how severe the damage the loss of an entire network has been to our intelligence gathering capability.  Nor will we know how many foreign assets died as a result of Cheney’s treason.  The price to fix the intelligence around the policy in order justify the failed GOP war for oil and conquest in Iraq was higher that we will ever know.


Brother Tim said...

The difference between Reagan, Gonzales, and Cheney; is that Reagan probably DIDN'T remember.

One Fly said...

If only charges would be brought I really think with what I've seen that I believe to be truthful evidence conviction of many for various crimes against our country would be a slam dunk.

I have volunteered many times to have the honor of pulling the trip rope on these treasonous bastards.

TRUTH 101 said...

I'm still waiting for Scooter Libby to write his tell all book about these slimeballs. Either Cheney got him a real sweet deal for taking the fall or he's just that blindly devoted.

Randal Graves said...

Former French pretzeldent Blacque Jacques Chirac is facing trial. I had to chuckle because the idea of that every happening here is about as likely as witches casting spells over Halloween candy.

Annette said...

That is the very first thing I thought of when I heard this.. was he was following the Fredo defense.. playing dumb.. lol

TomCat said...

Brother, you could well be right on that.

Fly, I fully agree. The evidence supporting a broad spectrum of war crimes and violations of US statutes is compelling and overwhelming.

Truth, I don't think we'll see it. Scooter's future is both quite secure, and lined with gold.

Randal, here the corruption is so widespread that both parties fear the truth.

Great minds fall in te same ditch, Annette. :-)