Sunday, October 25, 2009

CCA to get Arizona Death Row

Arizona will be farming out the management of its death row facilities to CCA (Corporate Corrections of America).

prison The State of Arizona, seeking to close a $2 billion budget gap, is planning to open bidding on all but one of its prison facilities.

Included in the offerings to private firms is an opportunity to manage the captivity of those condemned to die: a move that, for the first time ever, would put a U.S. state's death row in corporate hands, according to The New York Times.

"While executions would still be performed by the state, officials said, the Department of Corrections would relinquish all other day-to-day operations to the private operator and pay a per-diem fee for each prisoner," the Times added…

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Given my history as an ex-convict and and prison volunteer, I’m quite familiar with CCA and know many men who have been imprisoned in their facilities.  They manage prisons as well as private contractors managed VA hospitals, if you remember those scandals.  Given CCA’s long and well known track record for malfeasance, mismanagement, and prisoner abuse, Arizona may be trying to cut down on the number of executions they perform, as fewer death row prisoners will survive until their execution date.


the walking man said...

Whole lotta money to be made when you incarcerate people for profit.

TRUTH 101 said...

The privatization racket is a huger moneymaker and boon for politicos demanding donations, (bribes) for these contracts.

The right loves these things and won't expose them for what they are because it's righties that own these companies.

How much money has Haliburton or Blackwater donated to Democrats?

The Dems are guilty as well. I admit.

Stimpson said...

I didn't realize until now that the bars in the dollar sign could be prison bars.

Marva said...

Corporately run prisons are a disaster waiting to happen. As long as the bottom line is at stake, then "fat" will be cut. Fat like medical care (who knew? felons get better medical care than homeless), counseling services, enough guards to keep the vulnerable prisoners safe, decent food. The list goes on.

Hey, Tom! Didn't know you were a bad boy. That's sexy, you know. Sorry, too personal?

Anyway, my ex-husband (now deceased) spent nine months in the OSP. Hair-raising stories, but he was tough enough to not become somebody's bitch. If he'd been in longer, I'm pretty sure he would have had to kill somebody.

Prison should be bad enough via tough penal rules, but it shouldn't be a place where the weaker are trapped with the stronger. Bad things happen.

TomCat said...

Thanks Everyone. Marva, you didn't? It's in the header and on the first post on the blog. I wonder if I knew him.