Monday, October 5, 2009

Wake Up America! Something Is Wrong!!

While researching this morning at Crooks and Liars, I came across an amazing video.  Here it is.


In the face of this, the apathy that abounds in this nation baffles me.  Wake up!!


Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

GREAT find.... hope you don't mind that I shared it on FB?

TomCat said...

Hi Gwendolyn. If it furthers the cause, Thou Shalt Steal. :-)

Mary Ellen said...

Change the word "Republican" or "Conservative" with "Democrats" or "Progressives"...and they are exactly the same.

Really...does this video of hate make Democrats feel better about themselves? I think it makes the guy who made this video exactly like the entity that he claims to despise.

Want a new vision and a new social contract for America? Tell the majority in the House and Senate and the President to quit making excuses for backtracking on their campaign promises and start listening to the people they claim they represent. And most of all, quit pointing the finger of blame at the other party...and quit calling anyone who disagrees with them "tea-baggers", racists, and whatever other hate remark they can think of.

That would be a start, IMO.

TomCat said...

Nunly, there's nothing in that video that isn't factually supported. BTW, tea-baggers is a term originally claimed by the so-called tea party patriots. They used it until they discovered it has an alternate meaning.

As for the rest of it, I agree with you, and think we be much further in that direction were it not for the continual obstruction from the right.



The video was a an alarm call... I don't believe it was a video of hate.

Perhaps, a little partisan but not hateful. May upset people who don't believe that what the commentator was saying but on the whole, if it's factual, it cannot be bad.

We've heard 'worse' (and unbelievably grotesque) propaganda for coming from the Bush administration since day 1 of the invasion of Iraq.

TomCat said...

HB, I agree. If you could watch CSPAN (TV coverage of Congress)there, you'd hear worse several times a day from the Republican side of the aisle.