Thursday, October 1, 2009

Update: Reich Wing Coup?

Yesterday morning, I posted an article condemning an article on Newsmax that suggested a military coup against the Obama administration.  Although the MSM was silent on the issue, many blogs jumped on it.  Right wing blogs tended to support the idea, while left wing and centrist blogs tended to condemn it.  When the MSM began to make inquiries, Newsmax deleted the article and lied trying to distance themselves from it’s author, John L. Perry.

Newsmax Since it published -- and removed -- a column describing the possibility of a military coup to "resolve the Obama problem," conservative magazine Newsmax has gone into full damage control mode, distancing itself from the columnist.

The columnist, John L. Perry, "has no official relationship with Newsmax other than as an unpaid blogger," a spokeswoman said in a statement.

That's not quite the wording on his Newsmax biography. There, Perry is described as an "award-winning newspaper editor and writer" who "contributes a regular column to"

He's also a former senior editor for the site, working in that role from late 1999 until October 2001.

Perry has written for the site regularly -- nearly every single week -- since November 1999. Newsmax was founded in 1998. (Check out the archives here and here.)…

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Some may question whether or not we should take Newsmax seriously.  They’re serious enough that they receive financial support from the RNC, who pay them for email lists.

Finally the story broke in several MSM outlets.  For example, Keith Olbermann and Chris Hayes from The Nation discussed it last night on Countdown…


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There’s more than one lesson to be learned here.  The obvious is that there are no depths to which the right will not sink in their frenzied attempt to regain power.  However, the big lesson here is that we independent bloggers have the power to influence the news cycle by covering stories such as this one until the MSM either cover it too or risk irrelevance.


Annette said...

My friend Matt over at Osborne Ink did a wonderful break down of it too. I wanted to get back here and let you know about his write up of it.. can't remember if I did or not. My mind is really

Anyway, his site is just and he is a good one to add to your list.. Matt is a great writer and blogger and had the privilege of going to Netroots this year and did a fine jobs of live blogging lots of the meetings.

TomCat said...

You did, Annette, and I replied that he did a great job. But it's worth commenting twice. ;-)

the walking man said...

I will have to give you your conclusion Tom.

The bloggers are doing the leg work for the MSM. I was flipping between fox and MSNBC watching them of fox pee pee themselves over the Republican medical plan of Die Early while ED and Olbermann were all over this.

It a good bit of theater of the surreal at times were the subject not so critical to the well being of the people of the nation.

Jolly Roger said...

They are behaving as Fascists behave. Newsmax, FOX "News," and places like are the electronic fifth column of the modern-day Fascists.

TomCat said...

Thanks Mark. I bthinbk there's a big differenct between telling the truth about the GOP plan and encouraging a military coup, though.

JR, on that one, we fully agree.