Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Racism Alive and Well in GOP Anti-Reform Fight

Even though he pledged to abandon activism after he was exposed as the source of a racist email, including the horrid image displayed below, David McKalip is back.

obama-witchdoctor-muck Florida neurosurgeon David McKalip is back in the thick of the fight to stop health-care reform -- just over two months after pledging to withdraw from the public debate on the issue in the wake of a furor set off when TPMmuckraker published a racist email he sent showing President Obama as a witch doctor.

Over the weekend, McKalip emailed a fellow activist, reporting that he had been at a conservative medical association meeting, with leaders of the anti-reform movement, including GOP congressmen Tom Price and Paul Broun, anti-reform writer and activist Betsy McCaughey, and Tea Party coordinator Amy Kremer. Conservative doctors and their allies have been organizing in recent days in response to the White House's event this morning featuring pro-reform doctors.

McKalip's email was then forwarded on to a Tea Party Patriots email list.

In the lengthy email, which was obtained by TPMmuckraker, McKalip urged fellow activists to put aside "dissension" in the ranks and to stand up to "Alinsky personal attack tactics" -- perhaps a reference to his own downfall. "The American people are counting on us."

After his racist email was exposed in July, McKalip announced he would be "withdrawing from making media appearances on health system reform." But his email over the weekend makes clear that he didn't from being a behind-the-scenes player, and from working to rally his fellow activists…

Inserted from <TPM>

That image sickens me.  The only reason I am displaying it here is to demonstrate the vile depths to which the GOP has plummeted.  It has been suggested that I’m painting with too broad a brush, that the behavior of a few wing-nuts on the fringe does not exemplify the GOP as a whole.  First, when I refer to the GOP, as when I refer to the Democrats, I’m talking about the leadership and the public figures, not the rank and file common folk.  In this case, if McKalip does not embody the the GOP as a whole, then why didn’t GOP Congressmen Tom Price and Paul Broun refuse to meet with him?


Keith said...

You go doc. After what I saw from the Progressives when President George W. Bush was in office, this is nothing but a drummed up effort to paint others as racist. Those who received the witch doctor picture got the message. The color of the man didn't matter - his medicine (Policies) do.

the walking man said...

If the picture was not racist and the administrations health care policies were at the heart of the disgusting e-mail, then why wasn't the president shown in a white lab coat with embroidered name and a stethoscope hanging across his shoulders. That after all is more in line with what America thinks of as a doctor.

Keith, you are so blah blah blah...all talk no substance.

TomCat said...

Welcome Keith. I see that you are a "thinker" working for a consulting firm. Would that be, perchance, a lobbying firm or a corporate astro-turf agent? You certainly have a right to your view, but I cannot agree on principle.

Mark, I agree.


Agree with the walking man entirely.

TomCat said...

As do I.

charles moore said...

Tom, you said:"the behavior of a few wing-nuts on the fringe does not exemplify the GOP as a whole. " But it does if the GOP leadership ( an oxymoron?) stands by, says nothing and does not refute them.

TomCat said...

Hi Charles. Yes, my point was that more than a few wing-nuts on the fringe accepted him. Representatives welcomed and met with him, and because the such high ranking people approved, it demonstrated that the GOP does accept r5acism as a tactic.