Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Open Thread – 10/6/2009

Yesterday I visited most blogs in my blog roll, and I expect to stay up to date today.  In the news there are rumblings that the $US will soon be dropped as the world’s oil currency in favor of a basket of other currencies.  China, Russia, Japan and the Arab countries on the Gulf are behind this move.  I’ll cover this when I can access better analysis than I’ve found, but I am concerned.  With oil prices no let in $US, the rest of the world will have far less incentive to hold our currency.  This could have a profound effect on the standard of living in the US.

I completed today’s Jig Zone puzzle in 4:46.  To do it, Click Here.  How did you do?

Here’s a great clip from Red State Update.


And here’s some humor directed to our Canadian friends.


Have a great day.  Talk about what you want in this thread.



But why hate (Obama?) Are there any factual reasons?

People hated bush for a reason or for many reasons. But Obama, what has he done that was so morally reprehensive and wrong to hate him?

I suspect those who hate him will never accept that they do because, 1st he's a Dem, 2nd and most importantly "he's not one of them (colour?)?

TomCat said...

HB, from your side of the pond it may not be apparant trhat that video is humor, poking fun at the Anti-Obama set in the south.

leftdog said...

Tom, I love the cartoon ... it completely describes the mess that Canadian politics is in right now with our Conservative government!


Oh, is that so... hah! Let me view that the video, Tom. Thanks, for calling me out.

Btw, to be perfectly honest, I didn't watch the video -- the line "Is it racist to Hate Obama?" got to me first but don't you think my questions are still perfectly valid if only vis-a-vis the Obama haters?


OK, watched video... was funny. Heheheh! I liked it.

TomCat said...

Thought you'd like that, Dawg!!

Glad you liked it, HB. I guess they hate him because they (Repuglicans)thought they had assured a 40 year lock on power, and got so carried away in their greed that their Reich collapsed around them. They want that power back. Obama is standing in their way.