Thursday, October 1, 2009

Open Thread – 10/1/2009

Welcome to a new month.  I’ll be scarce again today, because I have an appointment this morning and a few chores to catch up.  Please bear with me.  I plan to change the poll today.  I have an idea, but if there’s something you’d like, please comment.  I won’t be sure for a few days, my lawyer called and told me that  Social Security has my case listed as closed.  He says that in that past that has meant they have reversed, knowing they would lose at the hearing.  In short, I think I just won my SSDI appeal, although it may be some time before I get confirmation.

Today’s Jig Zone Puzzle took me 6:48.  To do it, Click Here.  How did you do?

Here’s a bit of humor.


Have a great day!


the walking man said... Israel going to be forced to act? I think it is what the Chinese want because a nuclear armed Tehran is not in their best interests, because Iran is their largest supplier of petroleum and the Chines have invested hundreds of billions into Iranian petroleum.

If Israel does the job they can publicly condemn them for doing what they wanted.

TomCat said...

Mark, I hadn't thought of that, but what you say makes perfect sense to me.