Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monthly Report – October 2009

Politics Plus returned to the Internet on September 5 as a brand new blog.  I felt quite happy about our initial month, and October was even better.  As of Midnight we have had 10,660 visitors.  Last month, we had 6,561 visitors, up 2,519 from September, an increase of 62%.  We also has 8,015 page views, up 2,898 from September, an increase of  57%.  This averages to 212/259 visits/views per day, up 77/88 from September.  I’m thrilled.  After an amazing start in September, we surged ahead last month.  Here’s a graph of visits and views.


Unfortunately, far too many of our visits were “pit stops”, but I hope that will change.  Here’s a graph breaking down the last 500 visitors only.


And here is our most recent ClustrMap, showing our readers from all over the world:


Our 5,000th through 10,000th visitors, respectively, were Nunly, Gwen, Buckdog, Jack Jodell, Jack Jodell, and Mad Mike.  You’ll find a special section in our sidebar honoring them and linking to their blogs.

This morning we received a wonderful gift from Technorati.  They finally recognized that we exist.  We have a Technorati Authority of 1.  So we could not have a lower ranking, but that will change.  We need 100 to be on the B list again.  So please keep linking the articles you like here to your facebook pages, stumble upon pages, etc.  When you see material you like here, the operative commandment is: “Thou shalt steal!!”  Please do link back though.  Hat-tips are much appreciated.

I use the terms “we” and “our” while referring to Politics Plus, since this is a one-person blog.  I assure you, I’m not doing so in the regal sense.  The we in Politics Plus includes you.  Without your readership and comments, this blog would be pointless.  Whatever success this blog does and will enjoy is because of you, so please congratulate yourself.  Thank you all for a great month.


phil said...

That's usually how it goes.

Sue said...

you do a wonderful job here Tom,I'm proud of your success!
I have had my blog up just a few short months too, since August, and have had over 7,000 hits which I am very PROUD of! Yes alot are fly bys but I guess theres not much we can do about that. If they don't like what I say then they can go on to the next guy, right!
Keep on keeping on Tom!

Middle Ditch said...

Wow! very impressive! Congratulations! I too have (I think) loads of fly bys couse on a daily base I have about fifty to seventy visitors. I just hope that they are listeners.

I just loooooove your map and graphs. So clear.

Lisa G. said...

Great work, TC. I recently began reading you (last 2 months or so) and I love what I see! Keep up the great work.

themom said...

You do an excellent job and it will all keep growing it appears. I use the same service for stats, and it gives me an excellent look at where and who visits my site.

TRUTH 101 said...

You do better than I do Tomcat. Way to bring em in Brother.

If hits and followers were important I'd advise a new blogger to post as a rightie though. Every couple weeks a new one shows up at my site and calls me a commie a few times in the comment section. Within a week he has 50 to 100 followers.

The right is as loyal as it is deluded.

Continued success to you Tomcat.

TomCat said...

Thanks Phil.

Sue, you're right. Most fly bys were looking for a specific item and are gone as soon as they realize we weren't it.

Monique, your listeners should give themselves by the time spent on site, as one broadcast takes several minutes.

Thanks Lisa. I was only aware of your presence when you started commenting. Are you planning a blog of your own?

Thanks Mom. Isn't Statcounter great? I used to use Sitemeter, but this is far superior.

Thanks Truth! Lol! I'd rather have no followers than no integrity. ;-)