Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tea Party Pukes Reach a New Level of Hatefulness

I want you to take a minute and think about how you might feel if your pregnant child died because she had no health coverage?  Now imagine, if you will, taking your grief to a town hall meeting to plead for reform to keep this tragedy from happening to someone else.  How would you feel if a group of people heckled you, called you a liar, and laughed at you?

hate-crimes At a town hall event on health care reform hosted by Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL) earlier this month, Midge Hough told the tragic story of how her daughter-in-law, Jenny, and her unborn grandchild died recently because they didn’t have health insurance. Jenny came down with “severe double pneumonia, Septic shock and Respitory failure,” Hough said, “and laid in an ICU unit for the next two months at a cost of $22,000 a day.” Her baby died in the womb and Jenny died a few weeks later. But as Hough was telling her story, tea partiers at the meeting “ridiculed” her, the South Town Star reports. “They moaned and rolled their eyes and interrupted,” laughing loudly and shouting her down at points...

...Chicago Tea Party Patriots sent out a flyer to encourage attendance at the event, saying Lipinski had “sold us out!” by voting “to pass socialized medicine.” In defense of the heckling, an organizer for the group falsely claimed that the Houghs fabricated their story and called them operatives of President Barack Obama who “go from event to event and (cry) the same story.” At another recent event, Hough told Gov. Pat Quinn (D-IL) that she has been “personally attacked” by tea party activists at her home address. (HT: Crooks and Liars)

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The incident begins a little after 1:30 into the video.


I bet Supply Side Jesus is proud of them.

What do you have to day?


Holte Ender said...

What useless people they are, a total waste of space. This whole debate has brought out the very worst in some sections of the population (and media). Impossible to reason with almost intolerable to listen to.

Oso said...

I don't like to take the Lord's name in vain, but may God damn those teabaggers who did that to Hell.

Can't think of anything funny or profound,just God Damn those rotten vicious teabaggers.

Stimpson said...

I am too angry to say anything right now, except to hell with every one of those hecklers. Fuck 'em.

TomCat said...

Gentlemen, what can I say? Your anger is well directed. Posting the article helped me vent.

Sue said...

wow, Tom this is so filthy rotten, so .... I am speechless right now and will try to stay calm and speak like a lady. It just reminds me of my neocon visitors and how they defend stuff like this and put down all the good dems and our president are trying to accomplish. So, since we are a civilized nation I guess we can't shoot or horse whip the fuckers we just have to let nature take it course and maybe they will all fall off a mountain sometime soon!

Lisa G. said...


Webmaster said...

Yeah this is twice as disgusting as when some liberal puke shot and killed one of ours!

Mark said...

Dear webmaster...here is your profile information as copied at your link through...Profile Not Available

So which master has you barking, dog?

And who is the one of "US" that got shot?

And further more if any segment of society foments violence and vituperation against another segment of society of course there is going to be a violent response.

So go back...tell your masters that it is not a certain thing that the left is unarmed, smoked out on pot, and complacent.

Your own bible says "as you reap so shall you sow."

Jack Jodell said...

Assholes like those teabaggers have no heart, but even worse, they have no soul. To laugh, heckle, and ridicule that poor woman as they did is completely unforgivable. These far-right religious right types love to loudly proclaim their Christianity and their opposition to abortion, but they are hypocrites all and huge Pharisees. If this is the way they manifest their pro-life stance, by jeering at the fate of a woman who lost her unborn child due to lack of health insurance, I want NO PART of their religious interpretation.

Christians: Satan loves hateful teabaggers like this. Remember that.

Hill said...

This made me cry.

And pissed me off to no end.

Laughing at the pain caused by the deaths of mother and child.

It is beyond disgusting.


patrioticamerican said...

I would be angry too if my representative WASN'T representing me, and was willing to legislate my rights away.

As for who the haters are, the gratuitous use of the term teabaggers, along with the very hostile language used in the comments here, show that hypocrisy is a serious affliction with the Left.

Karen said...

The rethug teabaggers are beyond despicable. They should all be strung up by their balls and boobs!!

Oso said...

Idiot.Angry because his right to not have health care is being legislated away.

We mourn the death of a young woman and child due to our collapsing health care system,his side laughs at her and cheers the deaths,while he claims the haters are the ones who call these assholes teabaggers?

Then accuses those of us who think and read and reason and have emotions of being hypocrites.

What a pitiful sick waste.

One Fly said...

These actions will probably become worse before they get better if they ever do. These people are outright fucking dangerous.

libhom said...

The "USA USA" chant has its origins in pro wrestling. I'm not joking.

It's also amusing that the teabaggers get mad when you call them teabaggars even though they were the ones who started calling themselves teabaggers.

ivan said...

Teabaggers? More like carpetbaggers.

TomCat said...

Sue, thanks for your restraint. We must not descend to their level by responding in kind.

Amen, Lisa.

Webmaster, like most of your ilk, you come with no profile and no support for your claim.

Easy Mark. :-)

Jack, I agree.

Hill, me too. I shed tears of rage when I first saw this.

Welcome, PA. At least you have the integrity to post under your actual ID. I'm afraid that you folks lost the election. Your wing represents less than 1/4 of the population. Live with it. The term teabaggers, originated with you folks, before you knew that your chosen identity also referred to scrotum dipping. Since the behavior of your movement is equally perverse, I find your error poetic justice. Nobody here called for the death of anyone else. The most hostility in the comments came from Mark, and he merely implied that if you folks actually follow up on the violence you keep promising, you will be met with a violent response. While you do not have a monopoly on hypocrisy, your movement certainly demonstrates the lion's share of it.

Easy, Karen. Do that and Coulter might become a D-cup. ;-)

Well said, Oso, as usual.

Fly, I could not agree more.

Thanks Libhom. Good info!

Not quite, Ivan. Carpetbaggers actually had power. These folk just have a 6'4" mouth flowing from a 2" brain.