Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tea Party Pawns Punked

Every once in a while a story comes along that demonstrates a key truth and, at the same time, is thoroughly entertaining.   This is one of those: On Saturday, a few dozen anti-immigration activists gathered on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol for a Tea Party, part of the nationwide effort by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC). But somehow, one of the counter-protesters, a “concerned citizen from Minneapolis” named “Robert Erickson,” manged to get on the speaking list. His address started with the standard anti-immigrant rhetoric, but then revealed that he was talking about European immigrants. By this time, however, the crowd was in a frenzy and joined him in his chants of “Columbus go home!” and “Europeans out!”:
Let’s send these European immigrants back where they came from! I don’t care if they are Polish, Irish, English, Italian, or Norwegian! European immigrants are responsible for the most violent and heinous crimes in the history of the world, including genocide and slavery! Its time to restore the sovereignty of people native to this land! I want more workplace raids, starting with the big banks downtown... [emphasis original]
Inserted from <Think Progress>
Here’s the video.
Hats off to Robert Erikson!  However he got himself on that speakers list, it was an act of pure genius.  The very notion of getting WASPS to demonstrate against their own ilk is absolutely hilarious.  But most important, he demonstrates that these poor lost fools disengaged their brains long ago.  They happily cheer for and scream against whatever is put in front of them.  Their whole demeanor can be described with just one word: Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!!


Holte Ender said...

That is brilliant, did you notice the black guy smiling in the background? He knew what was being said.

Dusty said...

Not only was it pure genius, he was taking his life in his hands..those idiots would of beat the shit out of him if they had two brain cells to rub together.

Vigilante said...

Terrific! I wish the text of his remarks would have been available to insert into this post for those who are hearing impaired like myself. But I get the idea! I also am curious about who followed Erickson to the podium and what s/he said.

Vigilante said...

And I did notice the guy in the background, Ender!

Karen said...

"Tea Party Pawns Punked"

Oh! Thought it said... Tea Party Pawns 'Puked'!


TomCat said...

I did, Holte.

Dusty, given that prerequisite, he was completely safe.

Vig, briefly he said that European immigrants were the cause of our nation's economic problems. I don't know about the immediate aftermath. They are now claiming that they all knew and played along to make a fool of him. Ri-i-i-i-ight!!

LOL, Karen!

MadMike said...

I saw a similar piece over at Jolly Roger's place and as I said there it appears I am doomed. I was born of a U.S. military family in the United Kingdom. I guess that means I am an immigrant. I do have dual citizenship. What should I do? Should I go? Should I stay? I mean if the intellectual wing of the TeaBag Party says go I guess there is nothing for it...I also saw the smiling black guy. He is lucky he gets to stay.

benjibopper said...

Well done, Robert.

Reminds me of the Yes Men. Have you seen their work? So brilliant.

saludamorsuerte said...

Check out the NEW VIDEO here: awesome view of the crowds reaction and attacks on counter-protesters


Oso said...

I viewed Saludamorsuerte's tube-Wow what a sick old SOB that was, getting in that other kid's face.That kid kept his composure well. Good for him cause if he'd retaliated I'm sure he's the one who'd have gone to jail.

the walking man said...


TomCat said...

Mike, I guess you'll just have to go back where you came from. ;-)

I haven't Benji. I'll look for them.

Welcome Salud. Great video!

I did too, Oso, and I agree.

Amen, Mark.

Espinosa.nick said...



TomCat said...

Nick I agree, but for your future reference, comments on articles over two weeks old will usually be seen by me alone.