Monday, November 23, 2009

UK Documents Reveal Iraq War Conspiracy

Over a year before the Bush/GOP Regime launched their War for Oil and Conquest in Iraq, GW ChickenHawk and his British poodle, Tony Blair, had already cemented the plan to invade.

war criminal3 Leaked British government documents call into question ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair's public statements on the buildup to the Iraq war and show plans for the U.S.-led 2003 invasion were being made more than a year earlier, a newspaper reported Sunday.

Britain's Sunday Telegraph published details of private statements made by senior British military figures claiming plans were in place months before the March 2003 invasion, but were so badly drafted they left troops poorly equipped and ill-prepared for the conflict.

The documents - transcripts of interviews from an internal defense ministry review of the conflict - disclose that some planning for the Iraq war had begun in February 2002. Maj. Gen. Graeme Lamb, then head of Britain's special forces, was quoted as saying he had been "working the war up since early 2002," according to the newspaper.

In July 2002, Blair told lawmakers at a House of Commons committee session that there were no preparations to invade Iraq.

Critics of the war have long insisted that Blair offered then-President George W. Bush an assurance as early as mid-2002 - before British lawmakers voted in 2003 to approve U.K. involvement - that Britain would join the war.

The leaked documents are likely to be supplied to a public inquiry established by Prime Minister Gordon Brown to scrutinize prewar intelligence and postwar planning, and which will hold its first evidence sessions later this week.

Brown appointed ex-civil servant John Chilcot to lead the panel, which will call Blair and the current and former heads of Britain's MI6 intelligence agency - John Sawers and John Scarlett - to give testimony in person… [emphasis added]

Inserted from <Common Dreams>

At least the British are investigating their war criminals.  The time is long past due for the US to stop ignoring US law and follow suit.


Brother Tim said...

Bush could stand up and admit to all the lies, and the reasons behind them, and we still would find myraid excuses not to hold him accountable. Too many in government, both Republican AND Democrat, are complicit up to their eyeballs.

Jack Jodell said...

Great post, TomCat!

Bush, CHENEY, RUMSFELD, Wolfowitz, Yoo, Addington, and Ari Fleischer should ALL stand trial for war crimes, but I'm afraid Brother Tim may well be right.

Distributorcap said...

you mean people did bad things leading up to a immoral, useless, endless war

oh my.

Holte Ender said...

Blair was a relatively popular prime minister before he got into bed with Bush, the Iraq war was always unpopular with voters, makes it easier to go after the criminals.

Stimpson said...

Interesting that the story broke in conservative, pro-war newspaper.

TomCat said...

Brother, to whatever extent they are, I'm for holding all accountable, regardless of political affiliation.

You didn't know, DC? ;-)

Holte, I agree. he destroyed his credibility and his career because he teamed up with Bush and the GOP.

Stimpson, don't UK papers (excluding Murdoch's) have more journalistic integrity that ours?

One Fly said...

They will never be held accountable and they knew that from the very beginning. That's why they have been so open about their treasonous activities.

Holte Ender said...

The Telegraph is a Conservative newspaper and they are going after Labour politicians, so that is something to consider, but I am pretty sure they have evidence.

Dusty said...

This info should not be a surprise to anyone who paid attention the last eight plus years.

ivan said...

I used to do some pieces on psychopathy for the Toronto Sunday Sun.

Basically, it's a lack of empathy, but the psychopath-- the criminal with the mask of sanity-- does great harm.

Now we come to Neocons?

TomCat said...

Fly, I agree, but I shall continue to call for it until the day after the either the last of them is or I am buried.

Thanks, Holte. I'd be amazed if they didn't.

Of course not, Dusty, but there are many recent activists who were not politically active or aware before the Obama campaign roused them.

Ivan, perhaps the Neocons are more sociopaths.

Mark said...

I was looking to see if Tony Blair had ever served in the military...of course i found nothing. Not even a hint of military service but I did find this at Wikipedia on his Biography page.

"Tony Blair's close relationship with Rupert Murdoch, and the reciprocated unprecedented support which he received from Murdoch's globally influential News Corporation media empire, has been the subject of much criticism.[89][90] In 1995, while leader of the Opposition, Blair disclosed in the Commons register of interests that he was a guest of Murdoch when he flew to meet him in Hayman Island.[91]"

TomCat said...

Thanks Mark. That's great info, and it ties it together. How did he ever become a liberal?