Saturday, November 28, 2009

GOP in a Snit Over ACORN Reprieve

DOJ has repeatedly used the “preexisting contract” argument to foil stripping taxpayer-funded bonuses from GOP crony executives to my great frustration.  However, at least they are being consistent in the application of that argument.

Voter Fraud Probe The saga of the embattled anti-poverty group ACORN has taken a new twist, with the disclosure of a Justice Department opinion that a vote by Congress to cut off all federal funding to the group should not affect contracts signed before it was passed.

A spokesman for the Republicans in Congress has already blasted the decision as "shameful."

According to The New York Times, soon after Congress voted in September, a lawyer for the Department of Housing and Urban Development asked the Justice Department how it should handle pre-existing contracts with ACORN. Much of the money which ACORN receives from the federal government is in the form of HUD grants involving the provision of affordable housing.

In an October 23 memorandum (pdf), which has just been released, Acting Assistant Attorney General David Barron replied that the language of the bill was ambiguous but his opinion was that those contracts could not be breached "where doing so would give rise to contractual liability."…

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The GOP Regime has their panties in such a tight bunch over this that they are almost sure to challenge the DOJ in court.  Frankly, I’ll be surprised of the DOJ argument stands, but that’s OK.  In the cross complaint ACORN will raise that the bill, whereby Congress cut off their funding, is a bill of attainder, forbidden by the Constitution, and therefore void.  In the meantime, ACORN may continue many of their valued services.


ivan said...


I spoke on this matter, about our own government not caring a whit for the poor, in Ontario, Canada. Seniors and the poor, starved on nickel-dime Federal pensions and a raided unemployment and welfare allotment...Got two lines of print in the local paper. At least they spelled the name right.

Oso said...

I think Ivan is right.None of the official channels care about the poor.ACORN isn't a model organization but the good they do far outweighs the bad.
They don't have lobbyist $ so along with the SEIU,are a teabagger target.

I try to reason with people on this,point out if they want to stop corruption look at the Defense Dept and Wall St-and the teabaggers tell me that I drink the koolaid.

Frustrating to say the least.

Kevin Kelley said...

I find it interesting that the GOP shows a lack of understanding when it comes to pleasing their base. When their ultra-right base complains, the GOP is all ears and they forget everything (laws, constitution, etc.) to make sure the base is pleased...

TomCat said...

Ivan, knowing your talent, I wish you had been given the coverage you deserve.

Oso, you are correct. ACORN's tiny peccadilloes are insignificant in the face of Congress-Corporate corruption.

Kevin, an excellent observation, and perhaps our sole salvation.

Lisa G. said...

Anything that puts the GOP in a snit pleases me immensely. But I'm spiteful that way. :)

I don't think it'll hold up in court, but hey, by that time, 2010 will be here, with hopefully more Dems in the Senate.

TC, I think you should do a post on the Grayson petition to change the procedural rules in the Senate for cloture at 55 votes. I'm emailing the link to all my friends.

TomCat said...

Lisa, I'm with you on that one. Fewb things give me more pleasure than watching a goose-stepper squirm. Lisa we discussed it at length in your absence and I recommend it, but the site is incompatible with IE7.