Saturday, November 7, 2009

Silicone Sweetie Strikes Out

Carrie Prejean, darling of the LGBT intolerance set and frequent window dressing on Faux Noise  had dropped her lawsuit against Miss California USA.  Apparently Carrie was caught with her fingers in the …umm… well, it’s not really the cookie jar, but…

carrie-prejean-pic LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) Did the legal battle between former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean and pageant organizers suddenly conclude because organizers presented Prejean with a sex tape starring the religiously devout beauty queen?

Celebrity site TMZ says yes and CNN, last night, said a source with knowledge of the settlement confirmed it. Crimesider has no independent verification of the story at this time.

In August, Prejean sued Miss California USA organizers for libel, slander and religious discrimination...

...The pageant countersued Prejean last month, claiming the buxom blonde still owed them $5,200 for the breast implants they helped her buy.

The dueling lawsuits had the making of a showdown at the ok corral in a string bikini but the warring factions abruptly made peace on Tuesday.

A joint statement released yesterday says Prejean and pageant organizers reached a confidential settlement on both legal fronts and both parties "wish each other the best in their future endeavors."

As for that alleged sex tape reportedly starring Prejean, if TMZ had the tape months ago, as the site claims, why didn't they post it online or on air? TMZ Managing Editor Harvey Levin claimed in a Wednesday webcast that the tape, which he said features just Prejean, was too graphic for their taste.

Inserted from <CBS>

carrie Apparently the lawyers for the pageant ambushed Carrie during negotiations at which all parties were present.  When they played the tape allegedly depicting auto-eroticism, she objected that it was disgusting.  Then the camera panned to her face.  OOPS!!  That was the end of that lawsuit.  It is also probably the end of Carries career assisting the religious right in forcing their piety codes down the throats of those who do not share their view.  Carrie was scheduled as the featured speaker at the New Jersey Family Council’s Defenders of the Family award and fund raising event.  This group organized to oppose equal protection under the law for LGBT people.  Carrie was not present at last night’s event.

Let me make one thing clear.  If Carrie Prejean, or anyone else for that matter, wants to make a sex tape, I could care less.  That’s her business, not mine.  My bone of contention is that she engaged in this behavior at the same time that she presented herself as a paragon of virtue, a holy victim of discrimination over her religious beliefs, all the while trying to impose the conduct demanded in those beliefs on others.  I object to her hypocrisy, not her peccadilloes.


the walking man said...

I agree with you Tom. What I wonder is why society even gives spot notice to ALL of these folks who believe that in this day and age of money rules anything they leave on film will not come to light?

Has narcissism come this far where they all think they are immune from the fights they start?

TRUTH 101 said...

Interesting that almost every time the religious zealots think they have a new hero for wholesomeness something like this cums up.

Randal Graves said...

It's a good thing Haggard swings the other way or the porn industry would offer millions to him and her for a his n' her flick. Yikes!

Kevin Kelley said...

It always seems those who preach against the immorality of the earth have the most to hide? Do they believe it will wash away their sins?


Right on Tom! Agree.

TomCat said...

Mark, I don't understand it either. However, there is a criminal thinking error I see quite a bit in facilitating prisoner change called super-optimism, a belief beyond all rational expectations that they would not get caught. Add that to the mindset that the rules are for everyone else and this is what we get.

Truth, I recognize three levels of inspiration: divine inspiration, human inspiration, and no inspiration. These zealots fall into the third option.

Randal, only you could think such a foul thought!! ;-) YEACH!

Kevin, I think the double life stems from fear of abandonment.

Thanks HB. Good to see you!!

Lisa G. said...

TC, I think that they think their God will protect/forgive them because they are now coming down on the 'right' side. She's not bright enough to have pulled this off by herself; not even close! I love when the bright light of hypocrisy shines on these assholes!

Dan Brusca said...

"My bone of contention is that she engaged in this behavior at the same time that she presented herself as a paragon of virtue"

I don't think Carrie has ever presented herself as such, but in any event the tape was recorded long, long before any public pronouncements.

TomCat said...

Lisa, in Phoenix, I used to have a friend who worked as a high end call girl. She used to tell me how they had to import friends from Las Vegas whenever there was a Religious Right convention in town, because the local talent could not handle the increased demand.

Welcome Dan. I see you're partial to blondes.