Friday, November 13, 2009

Faux Noise Loves Tea Party Poop

Why am I not surprised to see hate speech directed at a gay man on Faux Noise?

teapartyexpress Fox News is once more actively promoting the tea party movement, with Gretchen Carlson of Fox & Friends noting enthusiastically on Thursday that "the second national Tea Party Express Tour has covered nearly seven thousand miles!"

Host Steve Doocy then spoke with Tea Party Express co-chair Mark Williams, asking him about "the thousands, and in some cases hundreds, of people who showed up."

"Who was it?" Doocy wanted to know. "Was it Republicans? Was it independents? Was it Democrats?"

"All of the above," Williams replied. "I would ask the Democrats in the crowds if the 'dancing queen' Barney Frank really represented them and they would go, 'No!'"… [emphasis added]

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How much do you want to bet that the vast majority of those yelling were not Democrats?  I was amused to learn that the Tea Party sheeple and the birthers are suffering from internal strife.  Here’s Rachel.

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I would love to see these wing nuts staging counter demonstrations at each others’ rallies.  LOL!!


Jolly Roger said...

I thought hate speech was the only speech you ever see on FOX "News."

TomCat said...

JR, sometimes they move off of hate long enough to tantalize the sheeple with blondes.