Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day and Thank You


Many are inclined to assume that when people opposes a war, they also oppose the troops serving in it.  During the Vietnam War, a small minority of protestors, mostly on the West Coast fixed that notion in the public’s perception by throwing blood at returning troops.  To this day I feel angry over that.  Most of us in the peace movement took a completely different attitude.  We accepted returning troops and listened to what they had to say.  They were a window for us, through which we could see the truth about what was happening there.  Once returning vets saw that we accepted them and did not condemn their service, more often then not they joined us in opposition to the war.

Our troops do not make policy.  They do not start wars.  They serve under oath to obey the legal orders given them.  Most perform their duties with pride and honor.  When they become involved in illegal, immoral wars such as Vietnam and Iraq, they are victims of the politicians that place them in harm’s way without just cause.  They deserve our thanks, our loyalty and our love.  They deserve the best care and benefits we can provide them because of the extreme sacrifices they have made on our behalf.

With that in mind, I considered the ongoing GOP claim that Democrats do not support our troops, but Republicans do.  I visited Project Vote Smart to learn what our veterans have to say about just who it is that has their backs.  The Disabled American Veterans gave 200 national politicians a 100% perfect rating.  All 200 are Democrats.  They gave 32 national politicians a rating of 50% or less.  All 32 are Republicans.  The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America gave 85 national politicians an A+, A or A- rating.  All 85 are Democrats.  They gave 49 national politicians a D, D- or F rating.  All 49 are Republicans.  It seems that Republicans call it supporting the troops whenever they vote for a measure to funnel billions into the pockets of war profiteers, but when it calls to actually taking care of our vets, they almost invariably complain about the costs and oppose it.  So I encourage you all to do remove Republicans from office.

And to those among you who have served our nation in the military, thank you for your sacrifice.


ivan said...

A thoughtful Veterans Day, TomCat.

We are having Remembrance Day in Canada.

And gosh-darn it, you've got me writing on politics, like you, today.
I am an ex-Candian serviceman, though I was in long before the current slaughter of soldiers.

LIZ said...

This Veteran's Day honor the troops for all they have done for our country by hearing their stories through free documentaries -

Holte Ender said...

Nice one TomCat. I liked your Project Vote Smart statistics, very encouraging to hear our Vets express themselves like that.

Karen said...

Love your Vets photo... awesome!

Dusty said...

Oh yeah..those rethugs really value our vets..they try to cut the VA budget every chance they get and they also vote down anything that will make Vet's lives easier. Fuckers..

TomCat said...

Happy Remembrance Day to you Ivan. Congrats on being visitor # 13,000.

Welcome Liz, and thanks.

Thanks, Holte. I'm amazed we don't see them on the news.

Thanks Karen. It was an easy edit.

Dusty, they Republicans value our troops as cannon fodder. Once they return, they have no more use to them.

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

Those Republicans really know how to treat our troops- send more in harm's way again and again, but deny them more medical coverage when they return home.

I'm watching Rachel Maddow and listening to the story about how Sen. Coburn of Oklahoma is single handily holding up a bill that would help returning vets with medical issues. The SOB keeps voting for every bill to fund the war but is reluctant to help the wounded when they return home.

What a disgrace...on Veteran's Day at that.

Worst Person in the World- Emeritus.

Grung_e_Gene said...

More of the Republican Trick And Treat Campaign; Trick the American people by claiming to Support the Troops with empty words while they are busy undercutting and underfunding Veterans at every opportunity and then Treating themselves to the war funding money and the prestige of being the War Party.

I've linked your post.

TomCat said...

I saw that too, Hugh. Dr. Coburn has denounced his Hippocratic Oath in favor of a hypocrite oath.

Thanks Gene. I fully agree.