Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The President's Other Speech

Yesterday President Obama spoke to school children in a manner so well received that even some Republicans praised it.

barack-obama President Barack Obama spoke before what I'd posit was one of his toughest audiences in his presidency so far: American high school students. President Obama's speech Tuesday at Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA was met with a screaming, standing ovation and copious handshakes and thank-yous in the rope line on his way out.

Listening to the reaction from listeners who called into C-SPAN, not one person had a negative comment about the speech, except to criticize the prejudgment of some conservative parents who threatened to keep their kids home from school so as not to allow their indoctrination by the president's words.

You can always count on first ladies to stand up for education and children. In an interview on CNN this weekend, former First Lady Laura Bush came to the defense of President Obama's plan to speak to schoolchildren on this first day back to school for many students across the country.

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Ronald Reagan, GHW Bush, and even the White House Resident, who was never a real President, used speeches to school children to push their political agendas.  Obama’s speech had none of this.  Not only was it magnificent, but also, it could have been given by an arch-conservative without any ideological conflict.  If you want to read the full text of the speech, you can find it HERE.

Of course, the wing-nut faction (majority) of the GOP, still found cause to object.  For example:

Is that pathetic, or what?  Friends, this one is a win for our side!


the walking man said...

Sadly they can always find a mouth and Roves mouth needs be answering Justice Department questions for all of his own sins and not talking about the president indoctrinating children.

After all that asswipe indoctrinated a whole group of sheep into the camp of racist fear and corporate oppression.

TomCat said...

Mark, Later, Laura Bush said the same thing, as did several more. You do know about Rove!

Annette said...

I know it is hard to be patient, but we have to be patient with the justice department.. they are starting the investigations and once it gets started they will go up the ladder.. I firmly believe that.. everyone had given up hope of ever getting anything done, but I just kept saying hang in there.. keep the faith.. well here we are.. So, as I said before.. Hang in there Walking Man..we will get

Now, the wing nuts are going to attack and then now that they have egg on their face and their feet in their mouths they have to try to back track..the only way they can do that is send out the master of lies, KKKarl and let him spin the was rewritten after the huge outcry from the wing nuts and the nut jobs who know all there is to know about education.. of course most of them can't even spell education.. let alone understand it.. It's too bad the speech wasn't put out 3 weeks ago.. just so they couldn't say exactly this..or have someone who could say they had seen it that long ago..someone independent, but even then they would never believe it...

leftdog said...

I'm hoping that the ridiculous shrieking and 'sky is falling' antics of the American Right is going to have a 'crying wolf' reaction with the American public. Obama's political enemies have reduced themselves to a screaming bunch of lunatics ... hopefully to the point where people are simply starting to flip the switch and turn their rabid shrieking off.

TomCat said...

Annette, I hope you are correct. Obama seems to thing that going after the Bush Regime for their war crimes will ruin his chances to get Repuglican cooperation. Can't he realize that those chances are already between zero and zilch?

Dawg, they have not so far, but after Obama's speech last might, that's likely to change.