Thursday, September 24, 2009

Open Thread – 9/26/2009

I’ll be scarce again today, because this is the day I volunteer in the prison.  I expect to be gone from late morning until well [past my normal bedtime.  So I probably won’t get out to visit blogs.  Please bear with me.

Yesterday, my mouse gave up the ghost, and it was almost brand new.  I contacted Logitech, and they said to return it in it’s original packaging for a replacement in four to six weeks.  First of all, it was in one of those plastic things that make it impossible to get out without destroying the original packaging.  Second, I’ve never used the touch pad in a notebook before.  I’ve been using a mouse since the Amiga came out in 1985.  That was a sweet machine for its day.  Anyway, after 34 years of mouse, this touchpad seems completely counterintuitive to me, so I won’t go four to six weeks without one.  This touch pad is really slowing me down.  Needless to say, I won’t be recommending the Logitech Notebook Mouse. :-(

I completed today’s Jig Zone puzzle in 8:26, using the touchpad instead of a mouse, so here’s your chance to outdo me big time.  To try it, Click Here.  How did you do?

Use this open thread to sound off, and have a great day!!


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TomCat said...

Ah the best laid plans of mice and men...

My ride to the prison (it's 70 miles away) couldn't make it, so I'm around after all.