Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Open Thread – September 23, 2009D

I’ll be scarce today because I’ll be helping in a therapy group.  Please don’t feel ignored if I don’t get your comments answered in a timely manner or make it to your blogs.

Did you see Tom Delay on Dancing with the Stars?  If only that creep were as clumsy in court as he is on the dance floor, his dance partner would be his cellmate.

Here’s  an interesting blurb from TPM.

Yesterday in Richmond, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) reminded us how hollow Republicans can sound addressing real people with real problems. When a woman told the story of an uninsured friend stricken with cancer, Cantor suggested she seek out "an existing government program" (presumably the ones Republicans haven't succeeded in eliminating yet), a charity, or one of the "hospitals here who do provide charity care."

It’s like the GOP plan for the homeless.  They will help if you send them a stamped, self addressed envelope.  And the GOP plan for the jobless is they’ll help if you send them a request on your company letterhead.  The only plan that woman’s poor friend can seek out is the GOP plan for the critically ill, the Social Security death benefit.

I completed today’s Jig Zone puzzle in in 5:24.  To try it, Click Here.  How did you do?

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The Moose said...

GOP Health Care Plan: Stay Healthy!

TomCat said...

Well that depends, Moose. For those receiving any form of government assistance, it's die quickly.